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Butler Sung

I am pretty sure that what I am about to say is going to be 100% accurate: When you saw the subject line, you had no idea what I was going to talk about, right?  In fact, I would bet that you have no idea who Butler Sung even is. If you knew right away

Learning From The Best

For the past few weeks, we’ve been learning about the power of story. It’s so much more than entertainment – it’s an essential part of how we connect in every facet of life, including business. Today, we get to learn from the masters. Seriously, I believe the greatest stories of our time are being told

The Ultimate Underdog Story

“His whole life was a 1,000,000-to-1 shot.” Rocky Balboa wasn’t always the most famous boxer in movie history. Once upon a time, he was the last person anyone would expect to be a champ. Not just in movies – in real life. When the original movie went into production, expectations were extremely low. Sylvester Stallone

Secret To Happiness

I watched this TV series on Netflix called After Life. Have you seen it? I will try not to give it away too much but it made a lasting impression on me.  So, it’s about this guy named Tony. He had an amazing marriage and life. He was married to the love of his life

How To Tell A Story

We are all daydreamers, but for me, it was more like an extreme disorder. I absolutely could not pay attention in class. When a lecture started, I opened my notebook, held my sharpened pencil…and doodled. A few minutes in, I had no idea what the professor was talking about. I was deep in my daydream

Improve Your Online Reputation With SEO

Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought you SEO 101. A quick recap: We defined what SEO is and why it’s important (Short answer: it means “Search Engine Optimization”, which is all about the secrets behind how to impress Google). We talked about the role of content, link-building and key words in an effective SEO strategy; We gave you

Does Your Business Absolutely Need SEO?

Let’s be real. There are thousands of businesses that can thrive in any circumstance. I’ve talked to business owners who tell me that they’ve never done any marketing and hopefully, they never will. “People just find us and we stay beyond busy…sometimes, we have to turn away business, we just can’t handle the load.” Even

SEO Spells Trust

My friend came up with a brilliant idea a couple of years ago. It all started because so many of her single friends were running into the same issues when it came to online dating – they kept telling her, “It’s just so difficult to find the right person, you don’t know who to trust

Does Content Really Help SEO?

If you saw my post last week, I talked about the fundamentals of SEO. One of the coolest studies I found while doing my own research was this simple chart of the Google Algorithm Ranking Factors. Basically, it charts what Google thinks are the most important elements on your website if you want to increase

SEO 101 aka how to make Google love you

I talk to so many clients and business owners about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and realize that there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. I thought it would be fun to spend some time going over the basics and learn together what we can do to ultimately help increase traffic to your website. But

Get Started With Your Instagram Workbook

I hope this past month has given you some helpful ways to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram engagement. As we wrap up this series, we wanted to share one additional tool: an Instagram workbook to follow as you continue to implement your strategy going forward. The workbook is a step-by-step guide that covers the

How to Draw People in With Your Instagram Content

I’ll never forget this surprising truth about communication that a high-level business leader once shared with me – he said, “People don’t really listen to you. They listen to the conversation that’s happening in their head while you’re talking.” This feels especially true in today’s world. People encounter millions of bits of information every day

How Do You Best Engage Your Dream Customer on Instagram?

Last week, we kicked off a new series designed to help you leverage Instagram to grow your business. It started with a shift in thinking from “How can I get” to “How can I give?” More specifically, it’s asking: “How can I give my potential clients what they desperately need?” To answer that question, you’ll

Want to Create an Instagram Strategy and Game Plan to Make an Impact?

You probably know Instagram can be a powerful way to connect with your dream customers, but where do we start? Over the next few weeks, Bos Media is here with some ideas for how to best engage this platform. First, let’s start by shifting our mindset from “How can I get” to “How can I

The Finale

It’s the last big bang! A moment that has been anticipated by the entire audience, as everything slowly crescendos throughout the show…increasing in sound, the instruments playing louder and faster, the vocals getting higher and higher, the lights are flashing, the dancing gets more frantic yet synchronized, the crowd starts to clap, then they stand,

If I Became Successful…

Do you want to be inspired? Listen to this podcast called “How I Built This.” It’s all about taking a deep dive into the stories of some of the world’s best known companies…how it got started, what ideas led to the creation of the products or services they sell, plus the intimate, deep, personal and

Life Interrupted

I ran across this story and I just had to share it with you. Especially since we’ve been talking about dreams and goals. Suleika Jaouad was born in New York City and attended The Juilliard School’s pre-college program for the double bass. She then earned her BA with the highest honors from Princeton University and

It All Starts with a Dream

When I was in year two of my business, I realized that I needed some wisdom on how to strategize my growth and figure out how to get there. So, I decided to hire a business consultant/coach to help me. After our first meeting of going over our expectations and goals for the next few

My Job When I Was 16…

When I was 14, my very first job was bagging groceries at a local grocery store. I was responsible to greet the customer, move their groceries from the cart to the conveyor at the register, bag everything up and even take it all out to their car if needed (sometimes getting a small tip for

Out of the Woods [Podcast]

 Welcome to episode 14 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today’s podcast gets “in tents” as we talk about the business principles that can be derived from a little time in the wild. What could roughing in nature possibly teach you about business? You might be surprised – Hanju’s been on the road

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Think about the last time that your heart was so heavily burdened and your mind was going 100 miles per hour, you just couldn’t sleep. What were you thinking about? If you know me, I am a great sleeper. I take 30 minutes picking out the right movie to watch, get all cozy, and after

Turning Your Pennies into Dollars

I am always reading the latest research about marketing, and during my content consumption phase, I hear this a lot, and I know you do too: “In order to successfully engage and win the trust of your current and future customers, you have to continue to give VALUE. And the more value you give, the

Marketing Redefined: SEO

What’s the last thing you googled today? Wanna know mine? I asked Google why a washing machine smells like it’s burning. This was after my son texted us, “Hello, parental beings, my washing machine smells like it’s burning, what should I do?” Well, Google immediately displayed a page full of resources and possible answers. Each

Marketing Redefined: Leads

Starting this week, we’re introducing a new Definitions series, explaining more in-depth certain aspects of marketing. We know that business growth depends on some form of marketing, yet not all business owners ever stop to get educated about what goes into that. We hope this review of the fundamentals will help you develop a marketing strategy

Top 3 Website Design Tips

First impressions are crazy. I read about a Princeton research project where people watched a video of political candidates for a microsecond, and then they were asked to predict who would win the election. Turns out the subjects correctly guessed the winner 70% of the time. We make millions of snap judgments throughout the day,

Top 3 Tips To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

I used to travel a lot for my business. And, as a total extrovert, I so much enjoy conversations with complete strangers on the plane. My own personal captive audience stuck next to me for 3-4 hours, might as well get to know each other, right? Well, not always. People love to avoid talking to

Top 5 YouTube Channels To Help Your Business

We know you’re busy, and you don’t have time to explore the entire ocean of YouTube to find the resources you need. That’s why BOS Media is here – we’ve done the research for you, and we’re using these emails to deliver the knowledge. Knowledge gives you power. Simply knowing how to do something can

Top 5 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of our favorite resources. Today, I’ve got some book recommendations for you, but before we get to the list, I just want to emphasize: I have personally vetted each of the selections below and given them my Hanju seal of approval. I think this is important,

Top 5 Podcasts To Help Your Business

BOS Media wants to see your business shine. Last week, we started sharing some of the resources and tools that we’ve found to support you in that. For today, we’ve got some podcast recommendations. We know there’s so much noise out there – who can you listen to that is trustworthy and genuinely interested in

Top 5 Resources To Help Your Business

It’s the ultimate catch-22 for entrepreneurs: being so busy that you don’t have the time to research hundreds of business tools and software that would best meet your needs for productivity and efficiency. Which in turn, makes you even more busy! Don’t worry – BOS Media is here to help. We did a ton of research

Abundance Vs Scarcity [Podcast]

 At BOS Media, we have the pleasure of working with leaders across many different industries, which gives us a unique perspective on the factors that cause businesses to either thrive, or get stuck. We addressed one key element in our first podcast of the year, and it all starts in your MIND. Don’t underestimate

The BOS Media Vision

For the final installment in our Leadership Series, I wanted to share how BOS Media would answer the questions we’ve been asking over the past several posts. I hope it gives you a sense of the clarity and focus this exercise can bring to your business. VISION: Where are we going? In one line: WE

Turning The Why Into How

Just one more week before we wrap up this Leadership Series. I really hope it has helped you step into the first quarter of 2021 with a new sense of purpose. We’ve talked about the difference between vision (Where are we going?) and mission (Why are we going there?), and how to communicate your vision

Mission: Possible

Imagine you had an eyeball that wanted to enroll in hearing lessons. Or if your nose was like, “This is America, I can be anything I want!” as it attempted to take over for your pancreas. Thankfully, our body parts understand the power of SINGLE FOCUS. Which brings us back to last week, and your

How NOT to Write Your Mission Statement

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about leadership – specifically vision and mission. Vision is the “Where” – it answers where we are going. Mission is the “Why.” Why are we going there? Why do we do what we do? Many companies try to summarize this in a Mission Statement, and unfortunately, most of them are

But Why?

The third year into running my own business, I was stuck. I was busy with a lot of projects and drowning in work. Most of the tasks bottle-necked at my desk and I was frustrated. I needed help. After much thought and with a sense of desperation, I hired a business coach. He gave me

How To Write Your Vision Script

When we think about having a vision, often we picture the greatest visionaries in history. They are charismatic, brilliant, incredible communicators, inspiring and even good looking. But what about the rest of us? The truth is, we are all able to have vision and we are all able to communicate it. Remember, the essence of the

Does Your Team Know Where You Are Going?

I love the fresh energy that comes with a new year. Starting this week, my goal is to harness all that hope and turn it into something that can transform your business in 2021. Welcome to the BOS Media Leadership Series. Over the next month, I’ll be sharing the best practices that define all successful

Continuing The Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of our heroes, so we wanted to take a minute and honor his legacy this week. If you look closely at the heart of BOS Media, you can actually see some subtle little tributes to MLK everywhere. On our website, the first thing you see are these words: “It

Copywriting To Grow Your Business

There’s a reason we’ve spent the past month focusing on words. It’s because WE CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. Here’s the executive summary: The right words will generate interest; the wrong ones will be ignored. BOS Media can provide you with WELL-WRITTEN COPY to help convince new customers that what you offer is a valuable solution

Hello 2021!

Hello and Welcome to 2021! Over the past month, we’ve been talking about the importance of COPYWRITING. But some of you may be thinking, “Hanju, I’m not an author. I don’t need to copyright anything.” First of all, don’t sell yourself short – if you ever wrote a book, I would LOVE to read it.

Farewell 2020!

As we finally reach the finish line of 2020, all of us at BOS Media wanted to say one more huge THANK YOU to everyone we get to work with. In a challenging year, we feel extra grateful for the relationships that add so much meaning to the work we get to do everyday. Hope we

How Copywriting Can Save Lives

Copywriting is serious business – especially around the holidays. For example: “Let’s eat, Grandma!”      vs.      “Let’s eat Grandma!” That comma may not seem like a big deal, but just ask grandma how she feels about it. For her, it’s the difference between a lovely family meal and BEING the family meal.*

If Your Judging This, You Just Made Our Point

First things first: the typo in the subject line was INTENTIONAL. If you’re one of those people who saw that and instantly felt embarrassed on our behalf, that’s EXACTLY the lesson we hope everyone learns today. Bad copy is like having a piece of spinach on your front tooth. You don’t know it’s there, but

How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

You might be surprised at how much “the zombie apocalypse” has come up around BOS Media lately. #mustbe2020 It started on the podcast we recently shared, “Our Last Podcast” – which, to be clear, is not actually our last podcast. We were just reflecting on ways this year has felt like the end of the world, and

Our Last Podcast [Podcast]

This year has felt like the end of the world, so that got us thinking – if this was the very last podcast we ever got to record, what would be our final words?

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL – 100% Off All Items In Store!!!

That subject line may have been a bit misleading… since we actually don’t sell products in stores. BUT we do have ideas for some sweet BOS Media merchandise in the future – how about BOS Media flamethrowers?!? Perfect for the kids. Seriously though, we know this week is usually all about food and family, and we

What’s Stopping You?

All this month, we’ve been talking about how creating a lead generator with an email campaign can be a game-changer for your business. The only question is, What’s stopping you?? We’ve already answered every question you might have: Why should I do this? (creating value drives business!) What if I don’t know what to write

Negatives Into Positives [Podcast]

I love this quote!! “The road to success is paved with mistakes well-handled.” – Danny Meyer Mistakes we make in business are like waves in the ocean for a surfer – there’s always gonna be another one, the only thing you don’t know is how big it’s gonna be or what the timing is. But the

Road to Success [Podcast]

I know you wish every interaction with a customer or a client could be perfect, but that’s not reality.  The big question is: what happens next?  How you handle it could make all the difference.

You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take!” I always thought this quote was from Michael Jordan. But no, turns out it was MICHAEL SCOTT (quoting Wayne Gretzky). There’s a reason I bring this up. In the past few blogs, we’ve been encouraging you to create your own email campaign, knowing it’s an inexpensive

Email Marketing And Puppies

The big update in our house this month is a new addition named Bailey. She immediately brought so much love into our lives. It’s amazing how her simple desire to play, get attention, and be affectionate helps brighten up the day. What does that have to do with email marketing? A lot, actually. First, they’re

Giving Tree

“Once there was a tree… and she loved a little boy.” So, now you have some people subscribed to your email – what will be your main purpose? To sell to them? NO!! To help them. I know what you’re thinking: “I’m the one who needs help! I don’t even know what to write about in my emails.” Don’t

Pivot [Podcast]

Welcome to episode 9 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today we’re back (finally!) to talk about “Pivoting” – an extremely important concept as we navigate this year. Pivot is our word for 2020 – a reminder that we have to be adaptable, and willing to make the major shifts in order to keep moving forward. Obviously, this has

Free Gmail

What was your first email address? Mine was [email protected] I was so happy that my first and last name was available. It helps since I was the only Hanju that I knew existed. Until…I started getting these odd emails from people that claim to know me that I didn’t know. I found out later that

Just Do It

Over the past few emails, we’ve talked about the importance of a brand strategy, and some practical ways this can make a significant difference for your business. Now, all you gotta do is IMPLEMENT! Honestly, that’s where so many companies get stuck. We KNOW the right thing to do, but most of us are just

Brand Examples

I really hope these recent blogs have helped you understand the importance of a brand strategy. Today, I wanted to highlight some companies who show us some tangible examples of how effective it can be when you do this right. Presenting: Our Top 5 Favorite Branding Role Models. 1. Apple If you’ve ever seen Simon

Building A Strong Brand

Last week, our family watched the movie Inside Out together. On top of it being an “emotional” experience (literally – much love, Bing Bong), it also speaks to the way BOS Media believes the best brand strategy should be built. Inside Out. Too many companies do the opposite – they look outside first, trying to figure out what’s cool

Logo Doesn’t Matter

I hope that subject line got your attention, because there are way too many companies out there who have the wrong idea about this. In fact, many of them would finish the sentence: Your logo doesn’t matter unless it’s BIG! They think putting their logo on the side of a building will make it significant. But

What Makes a Great Logo?

I get this question a lot… “What’s the difference between BRANDING and a LOGO?” I wanted to clarify it a bit for you. As we said last time, a logo is a symbol for your brand. It can help people to remember you, using images, text, shapes, or a combination of all of those to depict the


Hope your week was amazing! Mine? Well, while other people may have spent last weekend enjoying a BBQ, or watching Netflix, I was doing a deep dive on BRANDING. Most companies don’t realize how important branding can be for their business, but don’t worry – we are here to pass that knowledge on to you. The

Digital Marketing Package

Today, I want to start out with a little activity – you’ll need a pencil and a piece of paper.  I’ll wait for you to grab it… OK, now – two steps: Write your signature using your dominant hand. Below that, sign again, but this time using your non-dominant hand. You can probably see a

Drip Email

As we talked about last time, not everyone is ready to buy the moment they get to your landing page. But ideally, that’s just where the conversation begins. If you do it right, your landing page will offer people a valuable solution to their problem, in exchange for their contact info. So… WHAT NEXT? Once their


For your business to thrive, it all comes down to connecting people. But how do these connections happen? Where do you begin? At BOS Media Group, we answer that question in one word: Giving. It may seem counterintuitive at first: how can giving help a business grow? Once again, this is why a landing page is so important. Like

Moth Landing Page

As we talked about last time, at BOS Media we believe the most successful digital advertising starts with a landing page. But WHY? Because according to studies, digital ads that lead traffic to a homepage rather than a landing page are actually less effective. The homepage of your website has to serve a bunch of purposes –

Digital Marketing

Over the past month, BOS Media invited you to get creative – to take an idea, good or bad, and start thinking about the small changes your idea could inspire. We believe if you know the problem you’re solving and you’re in touch with your customers’ needs, you can unlock new opportunities for your business.

Pick Up Line

“So… how you doin?” If you watched the show Friends, you heard this line from Joey many times, and you saw how unsuccessful it was with the target audience. But what if your company’s marketing is having the same effect? As a business, we are often too worried about our own self-image, our own self-interest, and

What Problem Are You Solving?

In my last blog, I challenged you to come up with your worst idea. Hopefully, that opened up your mind to some new creative possibilities, but as you may have noticed: bad ideas don’t just automatically become a business (with the exception of the Shakeweight, of course). The biggest question you need to ask if

Worst Idea Ever

For many Americans, July is a time to appreciate our Founding Fathers and their world-changing creativity. Obviously, I’m talking about watching Hamilton on Disney+. This might sound weird, but the thing that stuck out the most to me is what a BAD IDEA it is. Translating a history book to Broadway through hip-hop should not work, and

Give and Take [Podcast]

Do you ever think about the hierarchy of success and see what the secret ingredients are to achieve it? Well, here are the obvious 3. Hard work Talent Luck/Fate/Divine Appointments But, there is the 4th ingredient – our success depends heavily on how you approach your interactions with other people. You have a choice in

The One Where We Get in a Fight with Another Podcast [Podcast]

The fight is on. We’re not going to name names, but it all started when I was listening to another podcast and they said they HATE when business owners talk about people they work with as “family” – they claim your one responsibility to co-workers is to grow your business because everyone wins when you

2020 Vision

Someone complained the other day about seeing way too many puns out there about having the perfect vision for the year 2020. So, you know what we say to that? We say, “here’s to the perfect vision for the year 2020!”. We know everyone goes into January with big dreams of making this the best

Don’t Let Busy-ness Kill Your Business [Podcast]

The world we live in is in a massive rush, and we don’t have to know you to say: You’re too busy. It may sound counterintuitive or even Impossible, but the hurry has to stop. At BOS Media Group, we believe in making your business more personal, but this CANNOT happen in a rush. Hurrying

Finding Your Sweet Spot [Podcast]

Have you ever been in the ocean in the middle of nowhere, completely stranded, not knowing where to go and you are just letting the current and the wind take you? Me neither. LOL. That would be really scary and if I did survive it, it would be a storyline for a good movie. Anyway,

You Are More Than a Brand [Podcast]

“So, what’s your story?” That might be the most important question for business owners and entrepreneurs to answer. It will help you set priorities, give customers a clear understanding of your identity, and when you feel lost, it will be the North Star to guide you home. Remember that you are the writer here. You

Be More Human [Podcast]

Have you ever heard this saying? “Hey, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” Well, let’s start by saying, at BOS Media Group, we believe everything is personal. Famous quote by Meg Ryan in the movie You Got Mail, she states, “whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” I believe that’s what

How do I write an About Me page for a Website?

How I got to know a stranger very quickly… He seemed pretty cool. Young, hip, athletic-looking dude…probably in his 30’s. His golf swing looked ok, not great, but nevertheless, he was put into our group of 3 to make the complete foursome. This means that he came to the golf course alone…on a Thursday afternoon.

Go Big or Go Home

It’s 3 am. I’ve been thinking about this workshop for over a month now and I am about 3/4 way through preparing to teach it. I know it’s a subject that WILL help the small business owner, entrepreneur and dreamer alike, and I’ve had a feeling it was going to be a big hit. And

What a 10-Year-Old Taught Me About Overcoming Fear

We finally parked and started down the muddy trail. The first few hundred yards were mostly downhill which made it difficult to stay upright as my feet were slipping and sliding every which way. I was hanging on to the exposed roots from trees for stabilization and focusing on making sure everyone was doing ok.

Hey, It’s My Birthday and I am Getting a Tattoo

“Hey, it’s my birthday and I am getting a tattoo of a Suzuki Logo on my arm!” – said no one, ever! I can’t believe it’s already been three years since my new adventures of entrepreneurship. For me, it’s about no more bosses, no more vacation request forms, no more phone calls explaining why I’ll be

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Lemonade Stand

It was a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon on a gorgeous spring day. The sun decided to hide behind the clouds, keeping it a cool 74 degrees. The extra wide residential street was aligned with huge oak trees stretching as out and up towards the sky. Before the day began, I was taking an early morning

What the Father Said Changed Everything

Well, it’s February, and if you are like me, you’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions before the year began. And if you are like 95% of people who made New Year’s Resolutions, you’ve already broken most of them by now. Ouch. I just heard this story, and it inspired me to write. It’s about a

Grateful People are Happy People

Are happy people grateful people? It makes sense. When you are happy, you are grateful, right? Not really. I think we all know people that have everything that you would think to make them happy, but they are not happy, and they are certainly not grateful. On the other hand, we also know people that

Why Storytelling is a Marketing Strategy

Some of the most powerful hours of television are aired during the olympics.  Not only do they cover the footage of the neck-to-neck competitions and the victory celebrations, but mostly, they focus on the back stories of the featured athletes and what they’ve overcome to be the best in the world. Their stories have power.

3 Ideas for Your Customer Referral Program

Pause for a moment and think of all the services you currently use in your life; your financial advisor, your dentist, your hairdresser, your house cleaning services. Chances are, you were recommend to them by someone you know. Even in your business, your IT services, the printer you use, your accountant, your creative services (wink

Are You a Puzzle Builder or a Quilt Maker?

I parked today at the beach. If you knew me, one thing I don’t carry around is loose change. This has been my problem for years. I need to park, but I don’t have change. I even came up with a simple solution of carrying rolls of quarters in my glove department of my car,

Who Do You Listen To? [Podcast]

As a new Entrepreneur, I am constantly seeking wisdom and inspiration from others who share their stories of failures, triumphs and “AHA” moments that re-shapes and/or launches their business to a new level. It has become my daily ritual to carve out some time to listen to podcasts, watch videos and read blogs to educate, feed my inspiration

Content Marketing Changed the Game

When we started our Private Tutoring business 10 years ago, social media didn’t play a significant role in helping the growth of our business. In fact, the market studies showed that 80% of the sales conversions happened after 7 brand impressions (your product or an ad is viewed by a customer). So you know what

Why Design Matters for Your Website

I am a runner. I logged close to 1000 miles last year, and I am tracking to do the same this year. It is important to me that I have the right running shoes that are a proper fit and that allow me to run at my best. So why is that that when I am shopping for running shoes, I neglect looking for the features

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