Moth Landing Page

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Moth Landing Page

As we talked about last time, at BOS Media we believe the most successful digital advertising starts with a landing page. But WHY?

Because according to studies, digital ads that lead traffic to a homepage rather than a landing page are actually less effective.

The homepage of your website has to serve a bunch of purposes – it’s meant to make a positive first impression, show off your brand, and let people explore all the services and products that you offer (Note: if your website doesn’t do this, please call us immediately). Having such broad objectives means the site has to speak more generally to give multiple audiences an overview of your company and its values, as well as the different personalities who make up the culture. For a new customer, it’s easy to get lost.

But a landing page is totally focused on one thing: to generate leads for your business. It removes all the other noise and focuses on defining one problem and offering your customers a single solution.

Watch My Video “Landing Page vs Homepage” Below Explaining this Further…

Which brings us to moths. If you’ve ever seen a moth meme, you know they’re only interested in one thing: LAMPS. The world is full of distractions, but as soon as a lamp turns on, the moth mind is extremely focused.

Wouldn’t it be great to hold a potential customer’s attention like that?

Landing Pages = Lamps

Seriously, you have no idea how much the above sentence would slay in digital marketing to moths.

But for humans, let BOS Media help you out – we use the researched, studied and proven method introduced by Donald Miller in Story Brand and further defined in his latest book called Marketing Made Simple. We’ll implement these concepts to create a perfect lamp landing page for you.

At BOS Media, our passion is helping people like you to grow your business. It all starts with a landing page that will increase your credibility with new customers and give them access to you anytime, anywhere. This is our specialty – let us create the campaign, so you’re free to focus on what you do best.
You are one click away from taking your business to the next level – let’s get to work!

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