Top 5 Podcasts To Help Your Business

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Top 5 Podcasts To Help Your Business

BOS Media wants to see your business shine. Last week, we started sharing some of the resources and tools that we’ve found to support you in that.

For today, we’ve got some podcast recommendations. We know there’s so much noise out there – who can you listen to that is trustworthy and genuinely interested in helping you grow your business?

Here are the top 5 podcasts we suggest:

1. How I Built This (Guy Raz) He just knows how to interview successful entrepreneurs, asking them simple, human questions that I really want to know. You get to hear the guests narrate their journey from the beginning, from when they were just starting their business to when their company gets sold for billions of dollars. Great stories and lots of inspiration!

Favorite Episode: the Kenneth Cole interview. He has some profound ideas about branding.

2. Business Made Simple (Donald Miller) We use his resources as our BOS Media Group playbook and I pretty much buy everything they sell. I truly believe in their business model and soak in what they teach as far as marketing and business growth.

Favorite Episode: #189 Three Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit with Storytelling. Emphasis on how storytelling continues to be the biggest and the most important aspect of marketing.

3. Online Marketing Made Easy (Amy Porterfield) Her gift of teaching makes it very easy to follow and you just get a sense that she’s on your side. She shows people how to create courses and how to market them. She’s very down to earth and I really learn a lot from her. I will be following her lead to release our own online course someday.

Favorite Episode: #366 How to Turn Your Expertise into a Successful Course. Testimonial of one of her students following her instruction to launch a successful course.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show (Tim Ferriss) He’s the author of the book The 4-Hour Workweek. He has high-profile guests who seem to take it to another level when they talk to him, going deeper into their expertise and craft. Highly technical and philosophical as well as inspirational.

Favorite Episode: “Getting Punched and Picking Winners” You just have to listen to figure it out.

5. Armchair Expert (Dax Shepard) Okay, this doesn’t have a lot to do with business growth, but it’s super entertaining and intriguing.

Favorite Episode: #290 Adam Grant. This episode is epic in discussing Adam’s new book “Think Again”. You might not know this but Adam Grant is one of my favorite authors (as you can see in the bonus podcast episode below).


6. Make it Matter (Hanju and Bru). This is our Podcast…lol…BOS Media Group. This podcast is really about finding meaning in what we do and really making our life/work matter.

Favorite Episode: #7 Give and Take. We talk about the best practices of doing business that’s worth following and how it can change not only your business, but your life as well.

Hope this inspires you with new learning and growth. Please feel free to reply with any questions – I would love to talk more and support you however I can!

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