If Your Judging This, You Just Made Our Point

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If Your Judging This, You Just Made Our Point

First things first: the typo in the subject line was INTENTIONAL.

If you’re one of those people who saw that and instantly felt embarrassed on our behalf, that’s EXACTLY the lesson we hope everyone learns today.

Bad copy is like having a piece of spinach on your front tooth. You don’t know it’s there, but everyone else sees it.

The last thing you want is for that disgusting green speck to shape how people form their opinion of your business.


It could literally be the difference between someone wanting to work with you, or dismissing you as unprofessional.

And one last note, to the people who didn’t even notice the typo above and think we might be making too big a deal out of this: I hope you’re listening most of all. It may not be an issue to YOU, but what if it’s a big deal to the client you’re trying to impress? You don’t want to be like that stinky kid in PE class who doesn’t even know he smells.

Sorry for all the gross metaphors, but hopefully it shows how words can definitely capture your attention! If you need any help with your copywriting, just know: we’re hear here for you.

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