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We believe what you do is so must more than a daily grind. We want to give you strategies that will allow your work to have more impact and resources to help you share your story with the world.

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How the Movie “King’s Speech” Teaches Us about Business [Podcast]

 Let’s discuss the best business practices derived from the movie “The King’s Speech.” Behind every great leader, there are unsung heroes who support their success. Too often, we think WE are supposed to be the star… if we do our jobs right, it’s actually our customer who shines. “The King’s Speech” shows us the

Out of the Woods [Podcast]

 Welcome to episode 14 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today’s podcast gets “in tents” as we talk about the business principles that can be derived from a little time in the wild. What could roughing in nature possibly teach you about business? You might be surprised – Hanju’s been on the road

Abundance Vs Scarcity [Podcast]

 At BOS Media, we have the pleasure of working with leaders across many different industries, which gives us a unique perspective on the factors that cause businesses to either thrive, or get stuck. We addressed one key element in our first podcast of the year, and it all starts in your MIND. Don’t underestimate

Our Last Podcast [Podcast]

This year has felt like the end of the world, so that got us thinking – if this was the very last podcast we ever got to record, what would be our final words?

Negatives Into Positives [Podcast]

I love this quote!! “The road to success is paved with mistakes well-handled.” – Danny Meyer Mistakes we make in business are like waves in the ocean for a surfer – there’s always gonna be another one, the only thing you don’t know is how big it’s gonna be or what the timing is. But the

Road to Success [Podcast]

I know you wish every interaction with a customer or a client could be perfect, but that’s not reality.  The big question is: what happens next?  How you handle it could make all the difference.

Pivot [Podcast]

Welcome to episode 9 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today we’re back (finally!) to talk about “Pivoting” – an extremely important concept as we navigate this year. Pivot is our word for 2020 – a reminder that we have to be adaptable, and willing to make the major shifts in order to keep moving forward. Obviously, this has

Give and Take [Podcast]

Do you ever think about the hierarchy of success and see what the secret ingredients are to achieve it? Well, here are the obvious 3. Hard work Talent Luck/Fate/Divine Appointments But, there is the 4th ingredient – our success depends heavily on how you approach your interactions with other people. You have a choice in

The One Where We Get in a Fight with Another Podcast [Podcast]

The fight is on. We’re not going to name names, but it all started when I was listening to another podcast and they said they HATE when business owners talk about people they work with as “family” – they claim your one responsibility to co-workers is to grow your business because everyone wins when you

Don’t Let Busy-ness Kill Your Business [Podcast]

The world we live in is in a massive rush, and we don’t have to know you to say: You’re too busy. It may sound counterintuitive or even Impossible, but the hurry has to stop. At BOS Media Group, we believe in making your business more personal, but this CANNOT happen in a rush. Hurrying

Finding Your Sweet Spot [Podcast]

Have you ever been in the ocean in the middle of nowhere, completely stranded, not knowing where to go and you are just letting the current and the wind take you? Me neither. LOL. That would be really scary and if I did survive it, it would be a storyline for a good movie. Anyway,

You Are More Than a Brand [Podcast]

“So, what’s your story?” That might be the most important question for business owners and entrepreneurs to answer. It will help you set priorities, give customers a clear understanding of your identity, and when you feel lost, it will be the North Star to guide you home. Remember that you are the writer here. You

Be More Human [Podcast]

Have you ever heard this saying? “Hey, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” Well, let’s start by saying, at BOS Media Group, we believe everything is personal. Famous quote by Meg Ryan in the movie You Got Mail, she states, “whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” I believe that’s what

Who Do You Listen To? [Podcast]

As a new Entrepreneur, I am constantly seeking wisdom and inspiration from others who share their stories of failures, triumphs and “AHA” moments that re-shapes and/or launches their business to a new level. It has become my daily ritual to carve out some time to listen to podcasts, watch videos and read blogs to educate, feed my inspiration

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