Pulling Back The Curtain

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Pulling Back The Curtain

I love the analogy of “pulling back the curtain” – it describes a moment of revelation, when something hidden is finally brought to light, when a secret is made known, and Voila! The mystery is revealed. 

(the previous paragraph kind of just pulled back the curtain on “pulling back the curtain”… *mind bomb*)

It’s the perfect imagery for the next type of video you may want to include on your website: a Behind-the-Scenes Video

These videos are intended to give your customers a little window into how you work. You might have some of this information on your “About” page, but this is a chance to bring that text to life, and give it some personality.

The goal of a behind-the-scenes video is to show more of the process behind WHY YOU DO what you do. It can help humanize you to customers, making you more relatable as they realize, “Wow, this person is a lot like me.”

And once again, it brings us back to the most important question you can answer as a business:

“What problem are you solving?” 

Let this video be a way of showing the tangible benefits you bring to a customer. Not just “what you do,” but “how you help people.”

On a practical note, two things we recommend including in your video:

  • Use b-roll. We don’t want to see talking heads – show actual clips of what life looks like in your world.
  • Use music. This helps set a pleasant tone and can make the video more engaging.

I’m excited for you to show more people the joy you find in your work! 

And PS: can you imagine if the person reading this was actually in the curtain business… pulling back the curtain on the curtains… that might be the biggest mind bomb ever.

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