Brand Examples

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Brand Examples

I really hope these recent blogs have helped you understand the importance of a brand strategy. Today, I wanted to highlight some companies who show us some tangible examples of how effective it can be when you do this right.

Presenting: Our Top 5 Favorite Branding Role Models.

1. Apple

If you’ve ever seen Simon Senek’s Ted Talk “Start with Why,” you know Apple is the first example he mentions in his “Golden Circle” framework. They start with answering “why,” making the “how” and “what” much more compelling. If that sentence made no sense, I strongly recommend watching this.

On top of that, Apple does a brilliant job of highlighting the same qualities in their consumers that they do in their products – if you are an Apple person, you are also innovative, imaginative and creative. Somehow using a Mac reflects that you Think Different. THAT is some meaningful branding.




2. Trader Joe’s 

First of all, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are the best branding strategy ever.

But we also like how they’ve differentiated themselves from their competitors by positioning themselves as a “national chain of neighborhood grocery stores.” It feels like shopping in a corner store, with elements that make shopping fun – whimsical product names and helpful employees in Hawaiian shirts. All of that adds up to a brand that feels like a friend.
3. Oreo

Speaking of sweet treats, we gotta show some respect for milk’s best buddy. Mainly because despite being 108 years old, they definitely figured out social media:

This doesn’t mean you have to chew on your product until it looks like Elvis. It’s about bringing creativity, fun and innovation to your messaging. As we say at BOS Media, “Be more human” (even if you’re a cookie).

4. M.Lovewell 

Just in case you thought only the big companies have a brand strategy, here’s a local shop that is an inspiring example of knowing who you are and letting that shine through all aspects of your brand.

I love everything about M.Lovewell – the font, the photography, even the way their store smells when you walk in the door. So it’s not surprising to read their About Us page (click on image below) and find, this flows right from their story, and their mission to “inspire others to love well.” That’s exactly what they do.

5. Southwest

Had to end with this one, because at BOS Media, we believe in businesses being “all heart.” Southwest is so committed to that, they made it their logo. Here’s to more of that in our companies (and in the line for open seating on your next flight).

Bottom line: I would love to do anything I can to add YOUR NAME to this list. Whenever you’re ready to re-think your brand strategy, please give me a call.

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