Does Your Business Absolutely Need SEO?

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Does Your Business Absolutely Need SEO?

Let’s be real. There are thousands of businesses that can thrive in any circumstance. I’ve talked to business owners who tell me that they’ve never done any marketing and hopefully, they never will. “People just find us and we stay beyond busy…sometimes, we have to turn away business, we just can’t handle the load.” Even their bank sends them a notification that they’ve exceeded the maximum deposit allowed for the month. Hahaha, just kidding on the last sentence, I don’t think there’s a deposit limit. Wait, is there?

Well, good for them. But the rest of us are still here, daring to dream for growth beyond ourselves, beyond the capacity of what we can handle, and even beyond our wildest imagination of what our business and our lives can become. What a great problem to have to solve. Also there are those of us who just started a brand new company, just launched a new site with no existing traffic or have been struggling getting new leads. Whatever category you fit in, I still think we should all have a strong SEO for our brand and always be searchable. Why? SEO just makes everything better.

Here’s the thing: when you research and break down Google analytics as a whole, assuming you are not running a PPC (Pay Per Click) Google ad campaign, a high percentage of your site traffic is coming from the organic search. People are still searching key words and clicking on the organic results to get to their desired websites. Your goal should be to have your business show up on that search, bringing more traffic to your site, and in turn, more leads and more growth for your business. But beyond showing up on the first page of the search results, there are other awesome benefits to doing your SEO. I’ll list my top 3 reasons according to the research done by SEJ 

SEO builds trust and credibility: People realize that many factors go into establishing an authority for your brand online. When your business shows up on the search result, people know that it went through a pretty thorough vetting process and you made it to the top. This creates trust and credibility. Also, when you are running a Paid Ad campaign for your company, if the search results show up on the Ad as well as the organic search, that just doubles the trust and doubles the credibility. They are seeing it twice, making you the most likely to be clicked on and chosen.

Great SEO also means a better user experience: I’ve heard people complain about certain websites: “It’s hard to navigate; it loads slow; the information is unorganized.” Well, one of the main priorities for Google when choosing the most relevant sites to direct traffic to is making sure the user experience is positive. Their algorithms will test and rank many elements that will show favor in the user experience of your site. That means when your site is Search Engine Optimized, it ensures the site has been fixed to create a positive experience for the visitors. 

SEO is not going away: While the rules of SEO and the best practices will continue to change and be updated, we know that humans are going to keep searching for products and services online. It’s important to stay up to date as the internet world evolves, and stay ahead of the competition by being proactive in monitoring significant changes to the algorithm. Google makes thousands of algorithm changes a year. Don’t fall too far behind. Stay relevant.

So, to answer the question of “Does your business absolutely need SEO?”, I have a question for you: Do babies go “goo”? The answer is resounding YES. Every baby I’ve every known has said “goo” to me. Don’t believe me? Google it – here’s the search result page of whether babies say goo.

Hope your SEO game is better than a baby’s!

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