What Kind Of Goals Are You Setting For 2023?

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What Kind Of Goals Are You Setting For 2023?

I am officially obsessed!! 

For the last couple of months, I’ve become fixated on two things: Camper Van Conversions & Vanlifers. There’s something so satisfying about watching an empty van come to life. I am talking about adding insulation to every nook and cranny, detailed wiring for lights, solar panels, inverters, plumbing for the kitchen sink, drainage, freshwater tank installation, shower tiling, dining set to bed conversion, window cutouts, upper deck install for sitting up top for an incredible view, cabinet hardware so your doors don’t fling open while driving…I am even going in-depth learning about composting toilets… seriously, the list is endless.

I am also obsessing over the freedom of Vanlife. I follow a ton of people who are documenting their full-time journey of traveling the road and living in the van while working remotely. This absolutely fascinates me. I am learning the good, the bad & the ugly of it all… and it seems very tempting in so many ways.

Last week, I watched a full 3-series documentary of this dude driving in his van to the Frozen Artic Ocean in the middle of winter. He reached the “Insanity Zone.” Do you know what that is? That’s when Celsius equals Fahrenheit. Look it up. There’s one point where they intersect, at -40 degrees. CRAZY!! But, there’s something about it that gave me some weird type of inspiration. I haven’t unpacked it yet, but I am processing it as we speak.

Why am I sharing all this at the end of the year during our “Goal” series? Is Vanlife my goal for next year? Nah. Is it my goal for someday? Yes. Well, maybe not the Arctic Ocean Insanity Zone, maybe not even the full Vanlife…but I do love what it represents. And that’s definitely my goal. It represents freedom for me, it represents youthfulness, it represents carefreeness, it represents exploration, it represents curiosity and it represents life…life to the fullest. Sunsets and rainbows, I want to experience it all. And maybe this Vanlife brings it all out on me. Building it and exploring it. 

I just finished setting my goals for next year and I broke them down into the following categories: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Marital, Parental, Social, Vocational, Avocational, Financial, and Spiritual. I picked one goal for each. Why? I think balancing these categories and assessing where I am in each will help me prepare for the ultimate freedom…the kind of Vanlife freedom I’ve been talking about. You know…the one that involves composting poop. 

And do you know why am I so crazy about goals? “Because you don’t usually drift to a destination you would have chosen. Instead, you have to be intentional, force yourself to get clear on what you want and why it’s important, and then pursue a plan of action that accomplishes your objective.” I love that quote. It speaks life to me. 

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