Road to Success [Podcast]

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Road to Success [Podcast]

Welcome to episode 10 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today we talk about what happens when something goes wrong, and how dealing with it the right way can change everything.

I know you wish every interaction with a customer or a client could be perfect, but that’s not reality.  The big question is: what happens next?  How you handle it could make all the difference.

Success in business is NOT about avoiding mistakes – it’s the grace that follows. Will you be petty and defensive, or will your kind response end up being what the customer remembers most?

So, just to sum up our episode, here are the 3 things that we hope you can get out of this:

So our hope for you and your business is that you not try to cover up your mistakes and be seen as this flawless, perfect, and beautifully run business…but be more real and authentic by exposing your mistakes and make it right by turning it into a positive. 

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