Improve Your Online Reputation With SEO

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Improve Your Online Reputation With SEO

Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought you SEO 101. A quick recap:

For this final week, I want to give you one final motivation to develop your own SEO strategy: SEO is essential in highlighting what people see online.

One of my greatest fears in life is that I’ll be talking to someone at lunch not knowing that I have a green piece of food stuck in my teeth. It makes me sad to think the whole time I was talking, the person across from me would have just been staring at that piece of food. After I finally see myself in the mirror and discover what’s there, my biggest question would be: Why didn’t they say something to me??

SEO is how you get that feedback online.

If your website isn’t optimized, if your content isn’t engaging, if your strategy is out of date… SEO will tell you. This is information that is obvious to anyone who attempts to find your business online. Wouldn’t you rather be aware of what they see?

I know for a lot of you, even after all this training, you might still be thinking that this SEO thing is just too complicated for you to figure out. You probably didn’t go into business expecting you’d have to become an expert in digital marketing. I really do believe you can take all the tools from this past month and create a comprehensive SEO strategy that works, but just know: if you ever need a hand, I gotchu. And I can promise you two things that actually set BOS Media apart from a lot of SEO services out there:

1. We are transparent. We tell you in detail what we are doing and how you are ranking.
2. You won’t be stuck with a long-term, never-ending contract. We stop when you say stop. We go, when you say go. Entirely up to you.

BOS Media knows the SEO game – and we can definitely kick some butt for you. We can even give you access to a backend dashboard with all kinds of geeky live stats that show your progress. Actually it’s funny: this part of the job that can be so de-energizing for so many business leaders is literally our favorite thing to do – I would love to do my part to make sure you have the SEO support your business needs.

“If a tree falls in the forest without SEO, does it make a sound?” Here’s to making plenty of noise online – give me a call if there’s anything I can do to help!

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