Let’s Turn Your Knowledge Into A Digital Course

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Let’s Turn Your Knowledge Into A Digital Course

We are living in the digital age right now where millions are making a full-time living (and beyond) through passive income. And according to our research, online courses are really making an impact without any hint of slowing down. 

So, where do we even begin? How do we take our experience and translate it into Digital Course Content? 

Before we start, a quick personal story. If you’ve been following my emails over the years, I’ve shared my obsession with camper van conversions and van lifers. Here’s the link. Do you know what else I did with that obsession? I purchased an online digital van conversion course. I wanted to know everything about van life to make sure I am fully prepared for what’s ahead…gruesome hours of laboring to build my van and even get a glimpse of what the journey would look like. This course gave me full confidence that I can do it and now, I know how to get from point A to my freedom of Van Life. Was the course worth it? Absolutely.

So, know this. You are not only teaching something you already know, you can be someone’s source of freedom. You can make a difference. Your knowledge can not only be valuable, but essential to others. 

Here we go. Here are some steps to consider as you turn your knowledge into a course:

  • First, list out the unique experiences, skills, or transformations you’ve undergone that others can benefit from learning. 
  • Jot down what exact steps you took for your own transformation (these will form the foundation and a framework for your course content).
  • Structure your course to map your own transformational journey – where you started, the obstacles you faced, how you overcame them, and where you are now.
  • These steps or phases will be your modules and the how-to will be your lessons.
  • Create practical exercises, cheat sheets, checklists, worksheets, planners, and/or resource guides to elaborate on what you teach.

To give you a real-life example, here’s a broken-down structure module from the Vanlife Academy Course I purchased:

  • Welcome (Course outline and intro)
  • Preparing for Van Life (Budget, finding the right van, expectations..etc)
  • Planning Van Build (Priorities, layouts, scheduling…etc)
  • Van Build Theory (Electrical, Insulation, Plumbing..etc)
  • Van Build (Interior, exterior, solar, wiring, windows…etc)
  • Life on the Road (tips, issues, legal)

Can you imagine creating a course like this and selling it over and over again? I can. And I think you can too. 

As we said last week, you are an expert. I keep repeating that because so many of us tend to sell ourselves short. We don’t value our knowledge enough, but trust me: the stuff that seems obvious to you can be a revelation to someone else.

Don’t underestimate what you know. Seriously. You have something in you that will stop customers in their tracks. Stop depriving them of the opportunity to learn – and pay you for it!

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