Why We Should Create A Menu Of Products

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Why We Should Create A Menu Of Products

I am loving this new series on tangible ways to grow our sales. Basically, what can we do to make some more money.

One of the steps we listed last week is first defining your products. Well, let’s dive a bit deeper and understand how defining your products can help you increase your sales.

But first, a story.

Some of you might know that I am an avid golfer. I’ve been playing for over 40 years and I am obsessed with the game. I am also very interested in the technology that makes up the game…like the shaft composites that make you hit it longer and straighter…and the weight balance distribution which also allows you to roll the ball more true. I even tinker around with grips and the sizing of the texture that could make a difference in the feel at impact and therefore make it possible to lower my scores.

Well, one day, I was flipping through TikTok and came across this kid who created content filming himself re-gripping the clubs. The way he did it was a brilliant form of art. He did it with incredible speed, precision, and grace. I was quickly inspired. Instead of what I’ve been doing for years of lugging my clubs into the shop and waiting a few days and paying extra money to get my clubs re-gripped twice a year, I decided that I am going to grip my clubs on my own. This started my search for finding the right products for my re-gripping station.

As I was creating a list of items I needed, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the unlimited amount of choices of different brands, products, and methods. But I ran across a company that was well-known in the industry that catered to golf shops who offer club repair. They listed their most popular products and what else? They created a menu of products for someone like me. The menu included everything I needed to create my very own station…including the vice to hold the club down, the most popular branded double-sided tape, a special razor blade for grip removal, a bottle of grip solvent…list goes on and on and on.

This reminded me of a lot of calls we get from potential clients going through a similarly overwhelming experience searching for a marketing company to help launch their brand new business. They often ask, do you offer some type of package for people like us? Yes, yes we do.

So how does that work for you? No matter what your business context, defining your products will give customers a clear way of doing business with you, and offer them an easy way to purchase even more than they originally planned to buy.

Here are 3 Steps to create a Menu of Products to make it happen:

  • Define your products by defining the need. It always starts with the question, “What problem are you solving for a customer?” This is what drives every purchasing decision: how are you helping make my life better.
  • Create a package of products to meet the need. Don’t just think in terms of one product offering – think of EVERYTHING the customer needs. Offer them a package of products to solve the problem at one fixed price. People want to know exactly what they’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost – make yourself their one-stop shop.
  • Give them clear instructions on how to use the package you’ve provided. By establishing yourself as a trusted expert providing a comprehensive solution, you’ve gone from selling one product to creating repeat business – whatever they need next, they’ll come to you. Teach people what you know and how to do it.

Final thought: I really believe there are customers out there who want to do business with you, but they just need to know how. They want to give you their money – not just for one product, but for an entire package of products that will make their life better. Please, LET THEM. Give them a menu so they can place their order.

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