Building A Strong Brand

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Building A Strong Brand

Last week, our family watched the movie Inside Out together. On top of it being an “emotional” experience (literally – much love, Bing Bong), it also speaks to the way BOS Media believes the best brand strategy should be built.

Inside Out.

Too many companies do the opposite – they look outside first, trying to figure out what’s cool or trending, then reverse-engineering a strategy around how to please most people. I think we all knew someone like that in middle school – let’s not run our business that way.

If you’re going from the inside out, it starts with a question that only you can answer:

“What’s your story?”

If you really know that, it will help you set priorities, and give customers a clear understanding of your identity. When you feel lost, it will be the North Star to guide you home.

Your story matters. The good and the bad, the stuff that changes along the way, and the non-negotiable things you are willing to fight for. All of those ingredients will lead you to your most effective brand strategy.

What is a brand strategy?

  • What your brand stands for.
  • What promises your brand makes to customers.
  • What personality your brand conveys through its marketing.

Don’t underestimate the power of your story to inform this strategy. You may take it for granted, but the unique details that brought you to this point will differentiate you from the competition and help you have a sharper focus on what to highlight.

At BOS Media, we would love to help you create a brand strategy. But before you reach out to us, start with someone even more important: YOU. Our hope is that you don’t just go to work and do a monotonous job day after day – remember who you are! The more you stay aligned to that, the more other people will be inspired to join in and do business with you.

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