Why Would You Run In The Rain?

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Why Would You Run In The Rain?

Have you ever set a goal on the outer boundaries of what you think is possible? Then systematically pursued it? If you have, then you know: when you completely and wholly immerse yourself in the process of reaching that goal, you find yourself at your best…at your peak.

With our Peak Performance series, we’ve covered these key principles.

Everyone is unique and we all reach the peak of our growth differently – it needs to fit our unique style and specific demand of our goals. There are many ways to get there.

For me, what I am learning through all this is that I first need to show up. It’s been said and observed that the real secret of world-class performers is not the setting of goals and doing the daily routines that they develop…but the fact that they stick to them. They show up…even when it’s hard, even when they don’t feel like it, even when there’s a great excuse not to show up. 

I remember sitting in my car as I was stopped at a red light staring at a guy who was jogging in the pouring rain. I thought to myself, it’s a great day to run on a treadmill dude…but he showed me something more. He demonstrated to me what showing up looks like. It’s the process of sticking to the commitment no matter what. 

This interesting strength of showing up has a twist…it can only come from deep within, often rooted in something…something beyond ourselves, something more important than myself, something more beautiful, something more powerful and something more meaningful than I can explain or even understand. 

What’s your something? What’s something that will make you want to run in the pouring rain?

Whatever it is, here’s my last piece of advice for you: START NOW. I could write a whole other blog about how one of the biggest enemies of peak performance is procrastination (maybe I’ll try to write that next week…) 

But seriously – I recently heard this conversation with Tim Pychyl, an expert on the science of procrastination – according to his research, the key to defeating procrastination is getting started.

So what are we waiting for? A rainy day?? Even if it’s sunny outside, your run in the rain can begin right now – it all starts with showing up. 

Let’s go to the peak!

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