Best Online Software We Use That We Love

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Best Online Software We Use That We Love

I remember the days when I would walk up and down the aisle at a store looking for the latest software to install on my computer. It came in a disc form and had really great packaging. They had accounting software, graphic software, spreadsheet software, and even the latest games. I would buy it for around $19-$49 depending on what it was and couldn’t wait to get home to install it on my computer. Two things that were annoying though. First, every software I purchased took up more and more memory space in my hard drive (and I didn’t have that much room in the first place). Second, anytime there was a bug fix or a feature update, I’d have to go back to the store and buy an updated version and guess what? I’d have to install it again, taking up even more room in my hard drive. 

Well, we certainly have advanced with this invention of the internet and the technology of the cloud. Everything is right here at my fingertips and I don’t even have to get out of my PJs… which by the way, I am wearing now (no joke).

So I was thinking, since it’s so easy to try out new online software, and I am constantly trying out anything and everything that would make my life more interesting and efficient, why don’t I tell you guys about some that’s really worth trying out? And don’t worry, these are not paid promos or my affiliate-sponsored software… these will just be my honest, unbiased opinions on why I like them so much. So, are you ready? Let’s dive in.

For this week, here’s the number 1 software I want to highlight. It’s called Typeform.

  • What is it? It’s an online form. Simple as that. It asks questions, and you collect the answers. 
  • What problem does it solve? Most forms are impersonal and boring. Some are just blank fields you fill out and it’s tedious. Also, with most online forms, you are most likely to get them filled out by bots and end up getting a lot of spam emails. 
  • How does it solve it? It asks one question at a time, just like a normal human-to-human conversation. It keeps the audience engaged, and therefore, you’ll get more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates. 
  • What features are surprisingly useful or cool? I love the personalized feature where it addresses you with your name. As you continue through the form it will say something like… “So Hanju, what’s your email address?” Also, there’s this cool conditional logic feature where you can route to a different set of questions depending on how you answer the previous ones.
  • Where do you use it? We use it for all of our design questionnaires or surveys we send out to our clients. Again, it feels more personal and engaging.
  • How much is it? There are 4 levels. Free ($0/month), Basic ($25/month), Plus ($50/month), and Business ($83/month). We have a basic option, it’s been great so far.

Here’s an example of how we use this form with our clients. Click on this link and go through the first couple of questions for fun and you’ll get a feel for it. Don’t worry, it won’t submit anything back to us unless you fill it out completely and hit the submit button at the end. https://bosmediagroup.com/website

My plan is to share more of these recommendations throughout the month – I hope it gives you a few tools to help get your new year started right. Here’s to making 2023 the best one yet!

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