Can Social Media Really Generate Leads?

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Can Social Media Really Generate Leads?

I bought a shirt. Not just one, but a set of 7 in all different color variations. I just couldn’t ignore the social media ads anymore. They knew me so well…the simple ad spoke to my soul. It even featured a discount code that I could use immediately. And on top of that, it gave me an option to buy 7 shirts at a bulk pricing which included all the earth tone colors that I love to wear.

The ad basically went like this…(I am paraphrasing of course)…”Does the t-shirt you wear make you look better than you should? Probably not. Do you have a dad bod? You probably do. We created a shirt just for your kind…it’s fitted to hide your big belly, create fake broad shoulders and will make you look like you just came out of the gym.” “Not only that, it’s silky soft, cheap and most importantly WIFE APPROVED.” They even had a wifey approved symbol stamped like it was a real thing:

How could I refuse this beautifully crafted marketing? I couldn’t. In fact, I am wearing the shirt right now.

So, let’s answer our original question – does social media marketing really work? The answer is a resounding YES!! You just have to keep a few key elements in mind.

Here are 5 Social Media Strategies you can implement right now to start generating leads:

  • Paid Ads. Running a paid ad campaign allows you to target your audience, grow your fan base, and ultimately increase customer engagement. Insights from the data will also enable you to continually refine your strategy and make them more effective.
  • Drive Traffic to your Landing Page. We talked about the importance of a landing page last time – this keeps your audience focused on one specific campaign (making them much more likely to engage). Use your social media to funnel people there.
  • Content Distribution. Don’t underestimate the expertise you have in your field and the way it can solve problems for your audience. Establishing yourself as a trusted voice on social media leads to repeat business – whenever a customer has a need, they’ll come to you.
  • Build Community. Real success in social media is about ENGAGEMENT. Get active, whether it’s responding quickly to customer comments, hosting conversations, or offering incentives to your most loyal followers.
  • Collaborate with Social Media Influencers. Extend your reach by partnering with people who have a strong following of their own. Get them to feature your product in their posts, have them share their own experience with your brand, or let them offer a unique discount code.

I hope this inspires you to use social media to grow your business! Next time you see me looking good in a t-shirt, you’ll know – this stuff works.

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