Drip Email

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Drip Email

As we talked about last time, not everyone is ready to buy the moment they get to your landing page. But ideally, that’s just where the conversation begins.

If you do it right, your landing page will offer people a valuable solution to their problem, in exchange for their contact info.


Once their email is captured through a “lead magnet,” you now have a few more chances to prove yourself worthy of their business.

In other words: Keep Giving, one email at a time. That’s the magic of what we call The Email Drip.

Your landing page made a great first impression; the email drip is where you make a second impression, a third impression -– as many impressions as it takes!

Don’t get me wrong – we don’t believe in spamming people. It’s about building trust through COMMUNICATION. Taking time to be thoughtful and share meaningful information, including your own personal secret sauce about how to be successful. Pretty soon, people will have learned and gained so much from your insight, they’ll want to work with you.

It actually reminds me of back when I first met Maria. At first, she just wanted to be friends (the dreaded friend zone…) But I liked her so much, I was willing to be patient – I even wished for her to have the most amazing future spouse, whoever he may be! For years, all I could do is keep showing up and giving her a chance to know who I really am, like tiny drops of water dripping on a rock.

27 years of marriage later, I can tell you: however many impressions are needed, it’s all worth it in the end.

Please let us know if BOS Media can help you in this process – here’s to email drips that help your business live happily ever after!

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