Negatives Into Positives [Podcast]

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Negatives Into Positives [Podcast]

I love this quote!!

“The road to success is paved with mistakes well-handled.” – Danny Meyer

Mistakes we make in business are like waves in the ocean for a surfer – there’s always gonna be another one, the only thing you don’t know is how big it’s gonna be or what the timing is. But the goal of a surfer is not to try to tame the ocean of its waves, the goal of a surfer is to not get knocked off his or her surfboard, by the same wave that’s knocking everybody else off theirs.

In this episode, Bru and I talk about how to stay on the surfboard by simply turning a mistake into something positive that will help you establish a brand that people will choose to be loyal to.

Click on the play button below to list to Episode 10 of the Make it Matter podcast.


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