Let’s Explore Some Influencer Marketing Strategies

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Let’s Explore Some Influencer Marketing Strategies

Don’t you hate it when you are intensely lifting weights to increase your muscle mass and you want to listen to high-energy pumping music but you don’t want to bother anyone so you have these expensive wireless Bluetooth headphones with earpads on and it keeps falling off your head? Me too!! Just kidding, I can’t remember the last time I intensely lifted weights.

But guess what? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson partnered with Under Armour to promote JBL’s new wireless headphones just for that reason. He was sick of dealing with lame headphones that kept coming off his bald head. That strategic partnership made sense to me.

This collaboration resulted in a remarkable influencer marketing campaign that garnered over 3 million views and substantially boosted JBL’s sales. This is what influencer marketing is all about.

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford Dwayne Johnson’s collaboration fee, but dang it, in today’s digitally driven world, it really proves that it works. Find a trusted individual who has a significant following on social media and BAM!

Well, since we know that it works, and not everyone has a budget like Under Armour/JBL (yes, they are owned by the same company) let’s explore different types of influencer marketing campaigns that we can work with each with their unique advantages and potential for success.

Video Product Review

One of the most effective influencer marketing strategies is creating engaging video product reviews. Whether presented as an Instagram story or a YouTube video, influencers provide an in-depth look at a brand’s product while sharing their genuine thoughts and experiences. This approach builds trust and authenticity with the audience. Instagram and YouTube influencers are particularly skilled at crafting compelling product reviews, but platforms like TikTok and Snapchat can also yield significant results.

Giveaway Campaigns

Running a giveaway campaign in collaboration with influencers can generate high levels of engagement. Many brands opt to partner with a group of influencers who promote the giveaway by sharing images of themselves with the product and encouraging their followers to participate. Such campaigns create excitement and buzz around the brand and product, resulting in increased brand visibility and potential customer acquisition.

Hashtag Campaign

Creating a campaign centered around a specific hashtag and enlisting influencers to produce content using that hashtag is a powerful way to amplify your brand’s message. National Geographic, for instance, has mastered this technique, becoming the first brand to amass 100 million followers on social media. They have successfully used influencer partnerships, such as a campaign celebrating International Women’s Day, which garnered over 3.5 million likes in a single day.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos, especially on YouTube, hold significant sway over consumer purchasing decisions. Brands invest substantial resources in getting their products reviewed by influencers in these captivating videos. Unboxing content often garners hundreds of thousands of views, demonstrating the potential impact of this influencer marketing strategy.

Social Media Takeover

One of the most immersive ways for brands to collaborate with influencers is through a social media takeover. During a takeover, an influencer gains access to a brand’s social media account and temporarily assumes control over its content. Instagram story takeovers are a popular choice, offering an authentic and personal connection between the influencer and the brand’s audience.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns

Encouraging customers to create user-generated content, such as images and videos featuring the brand’s products, is a potent influencer marketing approach. To kickstart UGC campaigns, brands often utilize influencer content to inspire their customers. This strategy fosters a sense of community and trust among consumers while showcasing real-life product experiences.

As you can see, influencer marketing offers various approaches to engage and connect with audiences…the ideas are endless and it leaves so much room for creativity. Basically, it’s not going away, in fact, it’s growing. So, let’s get on the train ASAP and start brainstorming who your influencers can be and how they can impact your target market to help expand and scale your business. Choo choo.

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