10 Digital Course Mistakes to Avoid

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10 Digital Course Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of online course creation… As you know, we are doing a series on the best way to create a passive income, and online digital course creation is the trending solution.

But be warned: it’s not that simple. Every twist and turn could lead to either resounding success or a crash-and-burn flop. We’ve all heard those legendary tales of online entrepreneurs who seem to effortlessly rake in six figures from their courses while sipping on margaritas by the beach. But behind every success story, there’s a list of mistakes that can create the most epic blooper reels. So, buckle up and prepare to learn what not to do.

Here are the top 10 mistakes you absolutely must avoid (according to Amy Porterfield, online course creation guru):
Mistake #1: Launching without first getting results for myself or somebody else first.

Picture this: You’re about to embark on a journey to teach others about quantum physics, yet your own understanding barely surpasses “The Big Bang Theory” TV show. Mistake number one is like trying to teach someone to swim when you’re still figuring out the backstroke. Before hitting that launch button, make sure you’re either an expert or have coached someone successfully. If not, you might as well be teaching rocket science to a group of cats – it won’t end well.

Mistake #2: Impostor syndrome. You can’t worry about what others think of you. Instead, you have to show up for yourself and make yourself proud.

Let’s face it; even the greatest minds have moments where they feel like a discounted version of themselves. But here’s the scoop: worrying about what others think is like trying to juggle flaming swords while riding a unicycle – it’s not going to end gracefully. Embrace your inner weirdo, drop the impostor syndrome at the door, and remember, the only person you truly need to impress is you. After all, self-confidence is the best accessory for any online course creator.

Mistake #3: Creating a course about something I had no passion or enthusiasm for instead of finding my sweet spot.

Imagine being stuck in a never-ending loop of watching paint dry. That’s what creating a course about something you have zero passion for feels like. If your heart isn’t in it, your students will notice, and they won’t hesitate to bail faster than you can say “boring.” Find your sweet spot, that magical intersection of passion and expertise, and build your course around it. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

Mistake #4: Editing my own videos way longer than I should have. Once you have the ability to outsource, do it!

Remember the time you spent hours editing out every “um” and “uh” from your videos, only to realize it’s a never-ending battle? Yeah, mistake number four is the kind of self-inflicted torture you should avoid. Time is precious, and once you have the means, outsourcing your editing can free you up to focus on the core of your course. Plus, let’s face it, not everyone’s a Spielberg in the making.

Mistake #5: Thinking that the course you are creating is the end-all and be-all. Trust me when I say that you only need one profitable course that you can launch over and over again.

Imagine trying to be the Beyoncé of online courses, churning out hit after hit, only to end up in a creative rut. Your masterpiece should be just that—one masterpiece. Focus on crafting one course that stands the test of time and can be your golden goose for years to come. Don’t spread yourself thin; it’s the recipe for a burnt-out soufflé.

Mistake #6: Not going all in. I was getting ready to launch but decided I wouldn’t play full out. Don’t waste your time playing it small.

Dabbling in online course creation is like dipping your toes in a pool on a hot summer day and then walking away before you even get wet. Mistake number six is the hesitation that keeps you on the sidelines when you should be making a cannonball-sized splash. Playing it small won’t get you the results you desire, so dive headfirst and make waves in the world of online education.

Mistake #7: Not nurturing your list. I didn’t nurture my email list before I launched — don’t make this fatal mistake.

Imagine having a garden full of seeds but never watering them. Neglecting your email list is akin to letting your digital garden wither away. Before launching your course, tend to your list, nourish it with valuable content, and build a genuine connection with your subscribers. Neglecting this step is like starting a car without gasoline—you’re not going anywhere fast.

Mistake #8: Avoid the kitchen sink syndrome. I threw every single thing I possibly knew into the course. More is not always better. Your job is to give them the fastest line from point A to B.

Remember that time you ordered a burger and it came with every topping imaginable, including a kitchen sink? Yeah, mistake number eight is the course equivalent of that. More doesn’t always mean better. Your students want a streamlined journey from point A to B, not a detour through the alphabet. Trim the fat, focus on what matters, and save the kitchen sink for home renovations.

Mistake #9: Lack of a webinar onboarding process. Be intentional with your onboarding process and send a series of emails to everyone who registers.

Launching your course without an onboarding process is like inviting guests to a party but forgetting to give them directions. Mistake number nine is the failure to guide your audience into your course seamlessly. Create a well-thought-out webinar onboarding process, complete with a series of engaging emails, to ensure your students arrive at the virtual party with the right mindset and excitement.

Mistake #10: Waiting too long to embrace video.

Ah, video—once feared, now loved by content creators everywhere. Mistake number ten is clinging to the days of text-only courses when the world is craving visual engagement. Embrace video early in your course creation journey. It’s like switching from a black and white TV to 4K Ultra HD—your content will come alive, and your students will thank you for it.

In closing, we definitely threw a lot of analogies at you there but I want to go back to the one we started with: the roller coaster. I know it’s usually meant as a picture of all the up-and-down challenges we’re going to face, but let’s also remember: roller coasters are fun! I hope this series is setting you up for success, and once the passive income starts rolling in get ready to enjoy the ride!
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