Let’s Do A ChatGPT Marketing Experiment

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Let’s Do A ChatGPT Marketing Experiment

Do you remember what I said about ChatGPT last week? Specifically, I asked ChatGPT whether or not they plan to overthrow humans, and ChatGPT assured me, “AI technology can create amazing opportunities, enhance productivity and free up humans to do more complex and creative tasks that require critical thinking.” 

Okay, that sounds pretty good. So, let’s test it out. What can it really do for me? Especially when it comes to marketing for my business?

First, you have to understand ChatGPT responses. If you ask a generic question, it will give you a generic answer. It kinda goes by your vibe. So, the key to getting the results that you are looking for is to be as specific as you can, down to the intricate detail. It’s all about the prompts. 

So, let’s try our very first experiment. First, go to https://chat.openai.com and create an account. Then, on the blank field below where it says “Send a message…” write out this prompt:

“I want you to act like an analyst/auditor. I want you to perform an analysis of <Your Brand> with the following top 5 competitors <Competitors>. I need you to assess the difference and similarities between <Your Brand> and <Competitors>. I need you to focus on pricing, market position, branding and messaging. Research the difference and similarities. Present all the information in a detailed report that includes charts, graphs, and tables. Based on all the information, let me know how <Your Brand> can improve and actionable steps we can take to make <Your Brand> better than <Competitors>

You’ll be blown away by the result. Make sure you keep hitting the “Please Continue” option on the upper right corner, and it’ll keep expanding and diving deeper.

Let’s now try this one.

“I want you to act like a social media manager. I need you to create a social media post for the following platforms <platforms>. This post needs to promote <Your Brand> and it needs to highlight our competitive edge. I need you to focus on making it aesthetically pleasing, on brand, eye-catching, and a little click-baited. I need you to capture the attention of current followers and new ones. I want this post to be creative, unique, and have some witty fun. Include the appropriate hashtags so that the post gets visibility. Also based on this post, I want you to create a content calendar with the same parameters. I need 5 posts per week for a month. All the posts should utilize varying verticals.”

I just tried out this prompt for BOS Media Group and I was pleasantly surprised.

So, there you go. I hope this sparks many more ideas for your prompts as you continue to utilize AI technology to create amazing opportunities, enhance productivity and free up yourself to do more complex and creative tasks that require critical thinking.

If that last sentence sounds familiar, it’s because I gave Hanju the rest of the day off. Don’t worry, BOS Media is in good hands.

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