Surprising Logo Rebrand

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Surprising Logo Rebrand

For those of you following my weekly emails, we just got into a series on “My Favorite Things.” And as a marketing agency, I am super pumped to present my next winner. 

The category? Best Logo Rebrand. 

Yes, that’s right, which company spent hours and hours researching the new trends, came up with their development plan and spent millions implementing it across the various touchpoints to enhance their customer experience and image? Or should I say, which company strategically engaged a humorous and ridiculous satire and took it to another level? Well, McDonald’s did.

As background to this hilarious story, let me introduce Emily Zugay. She graduated from University of Wisconsin with a degree in Animation & Digital Media. Before she became a famous “logo designer,” she was busy working on her side business called Pet Portrait Outpost where she paints people’s pets. She downloaded TikTok during quarantine as a joke and started posting silly videos. On these videos, she talks in a monotone voice with complete seriousness yet presents the most hideous, childish and absurd rebranding ideas. She even purposefully mispronounces the names of obvious brands. (i.e. she calls the NFL “NaFal”) Hahaha! Through this comedy act, she captured the hearts of many. Well, actually, millions. 3.9 million to be more accurate. 

Not only that, many of these brands have responded and even changed their social media profiles to her new design…let me show you one.

Look at their profile image, and what they posted…”thx for the new logo” – is that funny or what? 

So, why am I even sharing this? Why is this important to the rest of us? Because the rules have changed when it comes to marketing. It used to be: be professional, look polished, speak smart, be excellent, appear competent…then you’ll be noticed and you’ll be trusted. Now it’s simply: be you, be human. Social media has changed the landscape. Allowing us to be us and allowing a huge brand like McDonald’s to be just like us too. A human to human connection. We’ve cracked the corporate barrier. 

Well, let me take that back, maybe the rules never changed. Maybe this just re-emphasizes what we knew all along. The best rule of marketing is: you be you. Be creative, work hard and be your authentic self. No matter what. 

Here are some of her other iconic re-brands…pay attention to all the comments she received. They even offer her a job.

I’ll close with a question: “What’s your story?” That might be the most important thing for business owners and entrepreneurs to answer. It will help you set priorities, give customers a clear understanding of your identity, and when you feel lost, it will be the North Star to guide you home (much like “Disey’s” new logo).

Your story matters. The good and the bad, the changes and the core level non-negotiables that you are willing to fight for. Remember who you are, and be more human! The more you do, the more others will be inspired to join in and play along with you.

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