What ChatGPT Cannot Do

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What ChatGPT Cannot Do

For the last couple of weeks. I’ve introduced you to ChatGPT and the awesome technology that really can make our lives easier. Check out what it is here and how it can help you here.

But have you ever wondered what ChatGPT or any other AI currently available are NOT able to do?

I thought about this for a long time and tried to dig deep and reflect on my own life. The pivotal moments that changed the course of my life, as well as the aha moments that motivated me into action. There were heartbreaking moments that brought me to my knees and moments of complete failure that strengthened the core of my being. There were dark moments of pain that broke me. These sacred and intimate moments of my life wrapped together to define me in some way.

And I get to share all that through a story. Stories are what separates ChatGPT from humans. They don’t have any stories to tell. I guess they can make one up…but they don’t have a story to tell that’s deep, personal or life-altering. Because, they’re not us. You are the only you. I am the only me.

I talk a lot about marketing because I have a marketing company. And I believe the core of all marketing is storytelling. We do what we do because there’s a story to tell. And stories connect us on an emotional level, which is ultimately what creates a sense of loyalty to a brand. Stories communicate our value, our mission and even our purpose in a way that resonates with other human beings. It’s our own personal stories that we get to tell. It’s personal, and it’s beautiful. 

One of my biggest rules in communication is: “You have to mean the words.” No matter how accurately AI can mimic us, they can’t mean it. They can’t even truly understand what “meaning” means – that’s what makes us human.

So, take that ChatGPT. I know it’s not a competition but it’s good to know what we can truly offer our customers in a very genuine way. Our stories.

That’s my story. I meant every word. 

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