Does Email Marketing Really Work?

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Does Email Marketing Really Work?

The quick, simple answer to the subject line is YES!

I totally believe one of the most important things we can do as a business owner is to grow a solid, relevant, and valid email list.

I realized the importance of this when a good friend of mine, after being pushed out of an insurance firm that he was a partner of, spent over a couple of hundred thousand dollars in legal fees to gain back the “book of sale.” I assumed that the “book of sale” in his industry meant the actual paying customers since he spent so much money fighting for it. But he told me it was just a database of strong potential clients that showed interest, worked with him in the past, or were just referred. What???? Yup, he said it was worth every penny. He started again from scratch with that book of sale and grew it into a thriving business that he currently owns. He worked hard to get it there, but it took a solid database to work from.

A recent study shows that a higher number of subscribed emails correlates with higher revenue. Here are some additional cool statistics: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/20-shocking-email-marketing-stats-business-owners-know/

And continuing our series, here’s how we answer the FAQs we get about email marketing:


What should I do first to start email marketing for my business?

Grow your email list. Not just any emails, but the real people who really really want emails from your company.


Once I have a handful of subscribers, what should I do next?

Engage with your subscribers.

  • Provide Value!
    • Educational Value so that they will always learn something from you
    • Monetary Value so that they can get special deals from you
    • Emotional Value so that they can be inspired by you
    • Entertainment Value so that you can help create a laugh
  • Provide a real authentic and genuine relationship (sharing personal stories, etc)
  • Provide trust (all the above bullets will help you build that)


When should I sell to my subscribers?

Not right away. Focus on trust first.


So, how do I grow my email list?

There are so many ways. Here’s a resource link. But ultimately, what I find most effective is offering something for an email in return – an opt-in landing page that immediately creates value for them.


Do you have any examples?

Yes, here’s my own personal example.

  • I wanted to create a solid database of potential clients. The niche I tried was for people looking to learn how to do Facebook marketing. I figured these people were interested in growing their businesses and I needed to find a way to help them.
  • So, I did a free educational video. The most watched video on youtube is a “how to” video – here’s the “how to” video I made:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPAcKJb-XBc
  • Then, I created a free offer that the audience would probably want after watching the video… it led them to this landing page: https://bosmediagroup.com/target
  • When they click on the free download button, it will ask them for an email address – once it’s captured it is added directly to my Mailchimp database, and voila!! I have their email address.
  • Now I can start my relationship with them by adding value to their life, and earning their trust so they will eventually buy from me.


Could you do this for me?

Yes, yes we can, Reply to this email and let’s connect!

Like the photo above, email marketing is the way to stay multiple chess moves ahead in business. This of it like a bakery that leaves their front door open so that all the delicious aromas waft out and draw new customers inside.

That’s the power of our digital marketing – we can even make you smell good online.

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