Guide or a Hero?

What do these sets of characters have in common? Din Djarin & Grogu, Samba & Rafiki, Harry Potter & Albus Dumbledore, Neo & Morpheus, and finally, Elsa/Anna & Olaf?

If you guessed, one of them is the hero of the story; the other is the guide in the story…you are absolutely right.

If you follow my content, I often talk about “the guide”! I love the idea of a guide. If you want to know more it about a K-Drama story, I wrote about it here, titled “Butler Sung.” it’ll give you a good idea of who the guide is in a story and why they exist. To quickly summarize, as we identified here, every story has a hero and guide. A guide leads the hero into their purpose and transformation.

In business, it’s crucial not to see ourselves as heroes to save the day or our clients from destruction but to see ourselves as guides to help our clients be all they can be. To help lead our clients into their purpose and transformation.

Why are we talking about a guide? Thank you for asking; it’s because we are currently on the “The Power of a Landing Page” series, where I am walking you through each section of the most powerful landing page design and content. Here’s what we’ve covered so far.

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And now the 5th in the series, “The Guide”. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

In the context of a story, mentorship, or even in a business role, the guide possesses several key characteristics that contribute to their ability to assist and support others. Let’s highlight a few.”

  • Empathy: A guide understands and shares the feelings of others, creating a solid emotional connection and fostering trust.
  • Wisdom: Guides possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering valuable insights, advice, and lessons based on their understanding.
  • Patience: Guides exhibit patience, recognizing that personal growth and development take time. They allow individuals to learn and evolve at their own pace.
  • Listening Skills: Effective guides are active listeners, paying attention to concerns, questions, and emotions, creating an open and supportive communication environment.
  • Encouragement: Guides inspire and motivate others, providing encouragement during challenging moments and fostering a positive mindset.
  • Authority: Guides exhibit authority in their guidance, establishing a sense of leadership and expertise. They provide direction and make decisions when necessary, contributing to a structured and effective mentorship.

Out of these six must-have characters, for simplicity and clarity for our visitors on our landing page, let’s pick 2. My best two are EMPATHY AND AUTHORITY.


In “The Lion King,” Simba struggles with feelings of guilt and responsibility after his father’s death, Mufasa. Rafiki recognizes Simba’s emotional turmoil, and instead of simply instructing or advising him, Rafiki uses a moment of empathy. In a scene, Rafiki guides Simba to a reflection pool and encourages him to look into the water. Simba initially sees only his reflection, but Rafiki uses the reflection to show Simba an image of Mufasa in the water. Rafiki helps Simba reconnect with his emotions and understand that Mufasa’s spirit lives within him.

This moment showcases Rafiki’s empathy by understanding Simba’s emotional state, guiding him through a reflective process, and ultimately helping him come to terms with his loss and guilt. Rafiki’s approach goes beyond providing advice; it involves a deep understanding of Simba’s emotions and a compassionate response to support his healing and growth.


In “The Matrix,” Morpheus serves as a guide and mentor to Neo. One significant moment that showcases Morpheus’s authority occurs when he offers Neo a choice between two pills – red and blue. The red pill represents a willingness to learn the truth about the Matrix, no matter how challenging. The blue pill represents the choice to remain ignorant, continuing with a false reality.

Morpheus’s authoritative presence is evident in this scene as he presents Neo with a pivotal decision that will significantly impact his understanding of the world. Morpheus’s confidence, knowledge, and conviction convey a sense of authority, guiding Neo toward self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the reality around him. The authoritative guidance sets the tone for Neo’s journey throughout the film.

Let’s put it in a simpler format for your Guide section on your Landing page.


  • Website Designing Company: We know how frustrating it is to have a great-looking website that doesn’t result in sales.
  • Cyber Security company: We know what it feels like to worry you’re not doing the right thing.


  • Fitness Coaching Service: This is why we’ve spent the last twenty years helping clients just like you get in shape
  • Mattress Company: Join the 100,00+ who have already changed how they sleep at night.
  • Tax Attorney: With our 100+ collected years of experience in the industry.

Now, it’s your turn. Please answer these questions for your company and email it back to me. I’ve been enjoying your feedback and comments on these sections.

  • What statement can you make to express your empathy regarding your customer’s struggle?
  • List some examples of your authority and why they should work with you.

The more I talk about the guide, the more I want to be the guide in my own life. Being a hero is just too stressful and so much pressure. I got to get a cape, wear a body-tight suit, stay in shape, learn to fly..etc. I will just lay low and jump in at a chance to empathize with those struggling in their journey and needing my help in what I am good at so I can speak the truth and help guide them into transformation with authority. How about you?

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