Be More Human [Podcast]

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Be More Human [Podcast]

Have you ever heard this saying? “Hey, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

Well, let’s start by saying, at BOS Media Group, we believe everything is personal. Famous quote by Meg Ryan in the movie You Got Mail, she states, “whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” I believe that’s what differentiates us, and we love this. And what a great topic to start off our very first episode of our podcast. That’s right, our podcast. We are calling it Make It Matter. Why that title for a marketing agency podcast? Because, we believe that for entrepreneurs and business owners like you, what we do is much more than a daily grind. Our goal through this podcast is to give you strategies that will allow your work to have more impact and meaning. And we want to give you resources to help you share your story with the world.

In this first episode of Make it Matter, we will introduce you to who we are and will help you understand some of the relational aspects of the business.

We truly believe that business is personal. The more human you are, the better for your business. Bots and algorithms will never be able to match real human connection – let that be the heart of what you bring to your work. 

You can listen to our episode directly from here.

Bottom line: BOS Media is here to make you more human:

  • More human type of content
  • More human connection to everyone you work with
  • More human way of treating customers

Hope you enjoy our podcast. If you are a normal podcaster, you can find us here. Please subscribe and share.  Thanks so much!!

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