Out of the Woods [Podcast]

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Out of the Woods [Podcast]

Welcome to episode 14 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today’s podcast gets “in tents” as we talk about the business principles that can be derived from a little time in the wild.

What could roughing in nature possibly teach you about business? You might be surprised – Hanju’s been on the road lately, and what he’s learned could make a huge difference in your company.

“All I need to know about business I learned from camping.” What tools for your work can you actually find outside of the office?

1. Be prepared

Preparation is harder than you think. The time to trick out the van, the sink, the packing, the food, the cleanup. I thought it would be peaceful but we were actually busy non-stop. The lesson: expect it to be tough. (Worst thought you can have: “this is going to be easy.” Totally counterproductive thinking.) You’re not doing something wrong just because it’s hard.

2. Be pioneering

Always ready for the adventure. Makes work fun and new, and helps you solve problems with a fresh perspective. (Divergent Thinking). The lesson? “Life finds a way.”

3. Be present

Never miss a sunset.

We really do think that getting out there, away from the daily norm, definitely gives you a new perspective. And I really like how Bru broke it down. Be Prepared, Be Pioneering and Be present. The 3P’s. What a great lesson for all of us. And even those of us that just do not camp…and don’t have any desire to. That’s okay. No need to as long as you find your own way to step out and learn to see things a bit differently. It will bring more clarity, creativity, and even courage to shift from the grind. Those are my 3 C’s. I was inspired to come up with my own 3 C’s.

Well, thanks for listening, everyone, and you know what? We would love to hear from you, so, just leave us a comment on the iTunes review or contact us directly by going to https://bosmediagroup.com/sayhello We added a record button on there so you can send us by voice, a question, a comment, or a shoutout, whatever you want. We might even play it on this podcast.

So, in the meantime, thank you so much for listening, and remember to always MAKE IT MATTER.  Bye for now.

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