Your Best Marketing Strategy

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Your Best Marketing Strategy

As an entrepreneur, I have so many ideas. And as a super curious person with hundreds of hobbies and new interests in EVERYTHING, I just love learning. 

If you look and analyze my own YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook history, you’ll see a pattern. It’s mostly me watching someone who’s awesome at their craft or their industry as they teach and explain what they know. This is where my learning begins. 

But why do these content creators do this? Why take the time and record themselves teaching something that might expose their “industry secrets,” or help their competitors get a special glimpse of how they do business? Why do they offer all this information for FREE to strangers who may not even live in their city let alone their country, and might never even have the opportunity to become their customer or their client? Why?

Because the best marketing is EDUCATION. You will attract and retain more people to your business if you educate other curious learners like me.

That’s the purpose behind the next type of video we’re highlighting: Blog Videos.

These videos are so much more than just being informational. It’s recognizing that your customers have a hunger for learning, and they’re constantly searching for new ways to improve their lives. By providing that, you’re establishing a long-term place in their world.

I love this example from Sephora– education transformed the customer’s experience. What could have easily been a one-time transaction was converted into repeat business because of the information that was provided.

That’s the magic of these types of videos. Education is relationship building, which ultimately leads to customer loyalty.

Some of you might be thinking, “But I don’t have any special knowledge to pass on.” Not true!

Whatever industry you are in, you are an expert whether you like it or not. You have unique insight that no one else has. You might not see it because it’s part of your everyday life and you’ve been doing it forever so you take it for granted…but what you know and what you do is unique to a lot of people and they are dying to know what you know. Dive deep into the knowledge that seems so obvious to you, then share your journey and your findings. Are you hear about BTC? We want to remind you, that you allow to choose crypto casinos for us players here and make deposit and then withdrawals. If you are looking for a crypto casino USA with excellent games selection, you must consider VegasCrest casino. Uptown Pokies also is a popular choice among crypto gamblers thanks to its wide selection of games and support for 21 different cryptocurrencies. Our Top Pick, With a Premium Selection of Games. Lucky Block takes the lead in our ranking of the best crypto casinos. Bitcoin Blackjack, Bitcoin casino Roulette, the best Bitcoin Poker, and the top casino slots.

So there it is – your new marketing strategy: Educate your customers, so when they want to learn more, you’ll be the one they keep coming back to.

And just to prove my point, I’m going to go watch a new video right now.

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