This Video Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat

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This Video Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat

What if I told you that I started this “Habit” series knowing that I was going to end it with the video below? It’s true. Because this video is like the grand finale during a musical. The iconic song slowly and progressively increases its intensity and gets louder and louder, higher and higher, and finally reaches the highest and loudest point until ultimately, the crowd jumps to their feet and bursts into cheers! Let me break it down.

  • Act 1: We talked about goals, habits, systems, and how if you want to achieve something, it’s better to focus your time on developing a system rather than discipline or inspiration. Read about it here. Okay, the crowd is sitting but getting warmed up.
  • Act 2: We talked about the path of least resistance and learning how to create that very “system” that we discussed. The key to a great system is to make it the least resistant. Whoa! Read about it here. The crowd is now fully engaged, but still sitting down in their normal chill position.
  • Act 3: We talked about the 2-minute rule that in order to make it the path of least resistance, an important rule to follow is to keep the task under 2 minutes. Read about it here. The crowd is beginning to slide forward on their seats, it’s too much just to sit still.
  • Intermission: Okay, calm down. Walk around the theatre, go to the bathroom, grab some cookies and take a selfie.
  • Act 4: We talked about making our habits automatic and consistent, just like our mashed potatoes. How do we do that? We do it by not setting goals but creating behavior that becomes automatic which leads to the outcome that you want. Read about it here. The crowd is now on the edge of their seats…something crazy is about to happen and they are all feeling it.
  • Act 5 – Final Act: Watch this video. This is the crescendo – defined as the loudest and the highest point reached in a progressive increase of intensity. 

Did you watch it? Did you jump out of your seat and burst into cheers? Let me put it into perspective, this video has been watched over 10 million times. This has over 7,300 comments and over 351,000 likes. Also, read the comments, everyone says the same thing I am feeling about this video. “Wow!” “Finally!” “Greatest talk I’ve ever heard!” “Powerful!” and my favorite “This guy deserves applause for every single word he is speaking!”.

Why? Because everything we talked about actually works. He proved it himself. And he proved it in an extraordinary way. And he also proved that he’s just an ordinary person like you and me. And as ordinary people with our own weaknesses and lack of discipline, we can all do this. We can all achieve the most ambitious goals. 

Are you inspired like I am? Okay then, let’s go. Let’s have the best year yet. This is our year, I can feel it.

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