Pivot [Podcast]

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Pivot [Podcast]

Welcome to episode 9 of the Make it Matter Podcast – today we’re back (finally!) to talk about “Pivoting” – an extremely important concept as we navigate this year.

Pivot is our word for 2020 – a reminder that we have to be adaptable, and willing to make the major shifts in order to keep moving forward.

Obviously, this has been one of the most challenging years in history. BUT hopefully, that also brings some opportunity for some much-needed adjustments. Most of us don’t change until we have to; now, we have to. What are some pivots you can make?

But before we go on, here’s a quick, inspiring video on pivoting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n67RYI_0sc0

Listen as Hanju share’s his own pivot story from a background in corporate that led to the birth of BOS Media Group and also Bru’s early in marriage story when Jill asked, “is this it?” Scary question, but led to a new world of traveling/friends (sometimes I think, if we had our wedding over, 95% of the guests change)

What about YOUR Pivot? What advice do we have for people navigating change? Ask yourself this, “If this time was perfect, what would it be perfect for?”

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