How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

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How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

You might be surprised at how much “the zombie apocalypse” has come up around BOS Media lately. #mustbe2020

It started on the podcast we recently shared, “Our Last Podcast” – which, to be clear, is not actually our last podcast. We were just reflecting on ways this year has felt like the end of the world, and that got us thinking – if this was the very last thing we got to record, what would we say?

Inevitably, that led to some zombie-fighting protocols. And not to scare you, but we believe they’re already among us:

Seriously though, this has huge implications for your business. How do we navigate a world of people mindlessly staring at their phones, scrolling through an infinite abyss?

In this context, YOUR WORDS MATTER more than ever before.

Because there’s one thing that’s proven to stop a zombie in their tracks.

No, not a 12 gauge shotgun.

A great story.

That’s why we put so much of our focus at BOS Media on YOUR STORY. With the right words, your story has the power to draw people in and drive your business.

We know finding the right words can be challenging, but it’s essential. The right words will generate interest; the wrong ones will be ignored.

If you ever need support with your copywriting, BOS Media is here for you. We love helping give new language to your message, with words that even a zombie will pay attention to.

Here’s to surviving this apocalypse, together!

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