3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Boost Your Sales

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3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Boost Your Sales

Do you have a green thumb? Not talking about the Hulk – it’s about your ability to take care of plants. Sometimes I look at my neighbor’s garden full of flowers and color with fresh fruit and vegetables and I think, “wow, I wish I had that.”

For a lot of us, that’s where it ends – wishing we had those good results. We all know what a garden needs… water, sunlight and a bunch of yummy manure… but the question is, are we willing to be intentional about cultivating it?

In the same way, a growing business doesn’t happen by accident.

If you are running a business, there are some essentials you need to keep it going. You need money. Obviously. But, let’s dig a bit deeper.

In order to keep growing to become a GREAT business, you are going to need more leads, more consistency in your revenue stream, more clients, more clients you love, more projects, more goods sold, more services rendered, and finally a business you can be proud of.

So, how? 

This new series is going to give you tangible steps you can do now to help boost your sales. It’s not rocket science – it’s a simple checklist that will deliver the thriving growth you’re wishing for. 

Here are the first 3 steps:

  • Define your products. This might sound obvious, but this is actually one of the biggest mistakes businesses make in their marketing. We get so focused on presenting ourselves as cool and attractive that we almost forget to say what we’re offering. People want to know exactly what they’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost. Don’t shy away from this – be as specific as you can so people know what it takes to do business with you.
  • Establish specific financial goals. Most businesses don’t set goals for sales, maybe assuming there are too many factors beyond their control that make it impossible to predict. But it’s hard to aim if you don’t have a target, and the truth is, you have much more power over how much work and money you bring in. Make your goals specific, measurable and time-bound, then work backwards to create a strategy that gets you there.
  • Refine your website messaging. It won’t matter how nice your website design is if the messaging is vague or confusing. The very top section of your website (the header) should talk about the problem that you’re solving for a customer, with a clear and easy “call to action” so that anyone who visits knows exactly what you want them to do. Your About page probably needs to be re-written as well – no one needs to know the history of your company, they need to know how you can help them. Make your messaging about the customer, not about you.

The common denominator in all three of these steps is BE SPECIFIC. As we’ve talked about before, Random equals Random – random messaging leads to random sales and random growth. There’s no doubt in my mind that you have something valuable to offer. Just like water for a garden, make sure above all else your messaging is clear, and then just watch the growth that follows.

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