Your Online Review Solution

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Your Online Review Solution

All month long, we’ve been talking about the importance of online reviews. Hopefully it’s helped you be more strategic about how you establish trust with people online, and ultimately ends up growing your business.

But here’s the problem.

Even as I’ve been sharing these insights with you, and I KNOW this is exactly what we all need to do… there’s a part of me that resists implementing it myself.


Because I hate asking for reviews!

It almost feels like telling everyone to wish me a happy birthday on my birthday. hahaha! Doesn’t it kind of seem unnatural to ask people how awesome they think you are??

For anyone out there who can relate to that, good news: there is a solution.

We’ve partnered with a company called Fireworx Reputation. The owner is actually a good friend of mine, and their whole business is helping manage all the aspects of online reviews that people like us are so reluctant to do.

Fireworx does it all – for example:

  • Automated Review Requests. After a purchase or appointment, automatically send an email/text message for a review request and/or reminder.
  • Promote Positive Reviews. When you receive a positive review, it will automatically be shared to your social media and custom reviews page.
  • Negative Review Notifications. Receive an email when a negative review is posted, so you can respond and work through a solution before it creates a bigger problem.
  • Custom Email Campaigns. Thank customers for positive reviews, survey customers with negative reviews and much more!
  • Dedicated Reviews Page. Our platform’s widget automatically updates your website’s custom reviews page. This gives an incredible boost to your SEO!
  • Multi-Location Management. See statistics of how your business is performing as a whole & how each location is performing on its own.
  • Employee Specific Recognition. Allow reviewers to give feedback on specific employees they interacted with (don’t worry, only you can see this). You’ll know where your team is excelling, and where extra training might be in order. 

I believe in this so much that I personally just became a Fireworx client myself! I really think this can work for you as well.

Click on the Learn More button below that explains everything – be sure to scroll down to the bottom and schedule a free demo of what they can do for you!

Learn More

The Fireworx team is ready to walk you through this and work on your behalf. As it says on their site, “You know you’re good at what you do. Now make sure others know it too!”

Please email me if you have any questions. Our heart at BOS Media is doing everything we can to make your business look good – I hope this helps you shine!

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