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How The Past Can Shape The Future Of Your Business

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If you are just tuning in, we are doing a series called “Will it Fly” which focuses on testing any business ideas you might have to make sure you don’t waste your time and money before jumping into it. I will help you critically examine the validity of your idea(s), research your market and get to know your future customers. This is based around the book “Will it Fly” by Pat Flynn, one of my favorite digital marketing gurus.

Before we begin discussing the purpose of last week’s homework and working on some next steps, I have a cool story to tell you. You ready for this? Okay, here’s the story…

Andi went through a difficult time in her life through bullying. As she researched available resources to help her through it, she found a ton of information and statistics but nothing that spoke to the emotional stress that she was going through. Through the years, she’s learned so many lessons to help her overcome some of the trauma from bullying and she knew she had to do something to help others as she saw a rise in anxiety, depression and suicide among teenage girls.

Introducing Bloom Foundation. Before the organization was launched to impact the lives of bullied teens, she wanted to know for sure if the idea and the strategy she had was going to work. So, what did she do? She did what anyone would do in that situation, hire BOS Media Group. LOL. But seriously, she hired us and we used the “Will it Fly” curriculum to validate and inspire her idea into fruition. This is what she shared with me to share with you.

Going through Will It Fly with Hanju back in 2017 was a game changer for me! Bloom Foundation was just a little seed of an idea but going through Will It Fly helped me gain clarity and confidence to move forward, and the accountability Hanju offered was so incredibly helpful! I truly don’t think I would have progressed in those early stages of building my business without this course and help from Hanju. I would recommend this to anybody and it’s so exciting that he’s offering this as a series now in 2023! If you’ve had an idea you’re thinking about, I would highly recommend joining this series and seeing if your dreams will fly!


Wow!! I love these types of stories. Thank you so much for sharing Andi!!

Okay, back to you.

The reason why we did the homework last week to document your future goals and dreams was to create a foundation for your business. Before you jump into any business idea, it’s important to know how it might fit into your ideal lifestyle.

But you know what else is important? Your past. “History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and our common humanity, so that we can better face the future.” –Robert Penn Warren

So here’s your homework for next week. Trust me, all this homework is going to make a big difference and will help guide your decision-making process.


  • On a blank piece of paper answer the following:
    • The What: Write down the first job you ever had. If you haven’t had a job yet, start with anything that you were involved with that required you to consistently show up and contribute.
    • The When: Write down dates of when you had this job.
    • The Good: Write down what you enjoyed about it
    • Favorite Memory: Write down your single favorite memory related to the job.
    • The Bad: Write about what you didn’t like about what you were doing.
    • Grade: Finally, grade your experience (A-F).
  • Once the questions above are complete, ask yourself these 3 questions:
    • What one or two things seem to motivate you the most about the work you do?
    • How much is the answer that you just gave reflected in what you do now?
    • How can your future business be shaped into one that allows you to enjoy your work and continue to stay motivated and thrive?

Are we having fun yet?


Will It Fly?

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I used to have a little notepad next to my bed. I wanted to be ready just in case in the middle of the night, I came up with a brilliant idea that could change the world…or…that could make me rich…or…both. The notebook had to be near me because if I didn’t write it down right when the lightbulb went off in my head, I would forget all about it the next morning. My brain resets while I sleep and I lose all my memory. Also, there’s something very powerful about just writing ideas down on paper.

So, then what? What came of all these world-changing pages in my notepad?

Well…nothing. It was just an idea, and it never really progressed beyond that. 

Sound familiar? Well, things are going to change. Today I am introducing a new series called “Will it Fly?” It’s inspired by a book written by Pat Flynn (digital marketing guru) that puts your brilliant business ideas to the test. For the next few weeks, I will help you navigate your thoughts and do the research necessary to see if your idea is valid and something to pursue. And I will also help you develop a game plan to launch it for success. Excited? Not as much as I am.

But before we begin: If you want to go all in, you can purchase the book here, and follow the Companion Course here. They’re both great tools to support you along this journey and include a bunch of downloadable worksheets and videos. 

Here’s your homework for this week. It will actually be super fun to do, and we can make it relevant to any business idea you have right now.


  • Take a piece of paper and fold it in half in both directions so that after you unfold it, it’s divided into four quadrants.
  • Define the 4 most important categories of your life. For example, Pat chose: Family, Professional, Finances, and Health. You can choose your own.
  • Write these 4 categories at the top of each of the four quadrants. 
  • Now, imagine your life 5 years from now. What would you want it to look like? Where would you want to be? How will it fulfill your purpose? Why would it make you happy? Write it out for each quadrant. Don’t think of it as a wish list, but write it down as what your reality will be. Be as specific as you can. (see an example of Pat’s list below). 

Do this exercise and let’s reconnect next week. Can’t wait to show you how it all ties together. 

Looking forward to helping you make your dream a reality through this!


ChatGPT Just Got A Voice And I Will Show You How To Use It

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I know I’ve been talking about ChatGPT all month, but before we get started let’s do a quick summary of what it is. 

It’s essentially an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant that helps you write stories, generate ideas, understand and respond to questions and can provide the best answers to any questions you might have. It’s able to do this because it was trained by consuming billions of pieces of public internet text data. 

Well, guess what? It now has added voice capabilities for you to talk and listen directly to ChatGPT

And guess what else? I am going to show you exactly how to add it to your program. 

By clicking one simple button, you are now able to talk to ChatGPT almost as if you were talking to a friend who just happens to know everything (I have a feeling you already know someone like this) and in every language. So, let’s do this!!

First, you need to add a plugin to enable voice. There are a lot of options out there, but I will give you two options that are known to be the most effective.

Option 1: Voice Control

  1. Open your Chrome Browser.
  2. Go to this link. It’s a Voice Control for ChatGPT chrome extension.
  3. Click on “Add to Chrome.”
  4. Log into your ChatGPT by going to this link: https://chat.openai.com/
  5. You will see a grey/brown bar at the bottom of the page. You are all set. Push your spacebar down, speak, then, let go. ChatGPT will start talking back to you.
  6. You’ll need to repeat the process if you have more questions.

This is a very simple option. 

Option 2: Talk to ChatGPT

  1. Open your Chrome Browser.
  2. Go to this link. It’s a Talk to ChatGPT chrome extension.
  3. Click on “Add to Chrome.”
  4. Log into your ChatGPT by going to this link: https://chat.openai.com/
  5. You’ll see a grey box on the top right corner that says “Talk to ChatGPT” – hit the start button
  6. Once you hit the start button, you are now engaged in a normal conversation. You don’t have to push any more buttons. It’s like you have a person sitting next to you waiting for you to ask whatever you want. Try it, it’s pretty fun.
  7. You can click on the mic icon to disable the AI listening to you.

This is a more advanced option. It offers a lot more features, adjustments and tools. This is the option I chose.

Which leads us to the biggest question of the day: If you could talk to a robot, what is the first question you would ask?

It makes me think of how people say, “When I get to heaven, this is the first conversation I want to have with God.” Or a movie like Close Encounters of the Third Kind – what would be the first thing you’d say if you met an alien??

For me, I clicked that grey box, and knowing I had a brilliant AI mind there at my disposal, I simply asked:

“Can you please select all the squares that contain traffic lights?”

Sorry ChatGPT, just had to mess with you. 


Where Will AI Go Next?

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I started a TikTok channel for 2 things. First, I wanted a creative outlet for my obsession – golf. And second, I was interested in doing an educational experiment. I wanted to dive deeper into how TikTok works. 

It seems so different from my current social media platforms (facebook, instagram, youtube and linkedin). These engagements are mostly based around my current connections/friends/followers. But with TikTok, I’m having to rely on the algorithm that it assigns for my posts. Starting out with 0 followers or following, I put my content out there (2 times a day for 2 weeks) and watched what would happen. 

Interestingly, my posts became pretty popular right away. I got a couple of posts with around 20,000+ views and a couple of 35,000+ views…the rest were less than 1000. Mind you, these were perfect strangers and I have no idea where and how my posts got shown in their feed. Doing some more digging, it seems that the built-in AI would intelligently analyze my audience, their demographics, their retention rate, their likes, their comments, their shares, their saves and determine if they should continue to show my content to more people or slow it down. Bottom line, they used AI to do all the work.

Last week, I received a couple of copyright violations from the PGA Tour. They didn’t like some of the b-roll videos I’ve captured from their youtube. They shut down those posts right away and sent me an option to appeal their decision. I used a “Fair Use” copyright act of 1976 disclaimer letting them know that I was using their media for teaching, researching, commenting or news reporting purposes to appeal. They still rejected my appeal and removed my videos. 

So, who’s they? AI. Who found the violation on my content? AI.

The biggest takeaway from my simple experiment is: AI is at work. Doing exactly what it is programmed to do. So, what’s next? Where do we go from here? 

In 1997, chess computer Deep Blue (created by IBM) beat the reigning world champion Garry Kasparov. AI uses its raw processing power to analyze a number of possible positions far beyond the capabilities of human beings. It was able to look at 200 million positions per second. 

Last year, AlphaZero, an AI developed by Google, took it to the next level. Instead of learning derived from human experience, it played itself over and over, reinventing the history of chess through millions of self-played games and learned the behavior and patterns that led to a win. It no longer plays like a typical AI doing what it’s programmed to do – it started to play more like a human. It’s learning very analogously to how humans learn, and it’s able to do it much quicker and much better. The AI approach to the game is starting to border on creativity and intuition. 

So, what’s next for AI? No one really knows for sure. The technology is moving forward, but hopefully we are also moving with caution. When Kasparov lost his second chess match against the IBM Deep Blue, he described the computer as playing “like a god for one moment.” Afterwards he said, “I’m a human being. When I see something that is well beyond my understanding, I am afraid.”

For me, I embrace the challenge. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that it will bring. I am excited about the technology and the solutions that it will provide. I am excited to learn more and grow in the education and the experimentation of it all. 

But most of all, I am excited to see how it can help me get more views and engagement on my golf TikTok channel.


What ChatGPT Cannot Do

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For the last couple of weeks. I’ve introduced you to ChatGPT and the awesome technology that really can make our lives easier. Check out what it is here and how it can help you here.

But have you ever wondered what ChatGPT or any other AI currently available are NOT able to do?

I thought about this for a long time and tried to dig deep and reflect on my own life. The pivotal moments that changed the course of my life, as well as the aha moments that motivated me into action. There were heartbreaking moments that brought me to my knees and moments of complete failure that strengthened the core of my being. There were dark moments of pain that broke me. These sacred and intimate moments of my life wrapped together to define me in some way.

And I get to share all that through a story. Stories are what separates ChatGPT from humans. They don’t have any stories to tell. I guess they can make one up…but they don’t have a story to tell that’s deep, personal or life-altering. Because, they’re not us. You are the only you. I am the only me.

I talk a lot about marketing because I have a marketing company. And I believe the core of all marketing is storytelling. We do what we do because there’s a story to tell. And stories connect us on an emotional level, which is ultimately what creates a sense of loyalty to a brand. Stories communicate our value, our mission and even our purpose in a way that resonates with other human beings. It’s our own personal stories that we get to tell. It’s personal, and it’s beautiful. 

One of my biggest rules in communication is: “You have to mean the words.” No matter how accurately AI can mimic us, they can’t mean it. They can’t even truly understand what “meaning” means – that’s what makes us human.

So, take that ChatGPT. I know it’s not a competition but it’s good to know what we can truly offer our customers in a very genuine way. Our stories.

That’s my story. I meant every word. 


Let’s Do A ChatGPT Marketing Experiment

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Do you remember what I said about ChatGPT last week? Specifically, I asked ChatGPT whether or not they plan to overthrow humans, and ChatGPT assured me, “AI technology can create amazing opportunities, enhance productivity and free up humans to do more complex and creative tasks that require critical thinking.” 

Okay, that sounds pretty good. So, let’s test it out. What can it really do for me? Especially when it comes to marketing for my business?

First, you have to understand ChatGPT responses. If you ask a generic question, it will give you a generic answer. It kinda goes by your vibe. So, the key to getting the results that you are looking for is to be as specific as you can, down to the intricate detail. It’s all about the prompts. 

So, let’s try our very first experiment. First, go to https://chat.openai.com and create an account. Then, on the blank field below where it says “Send a message…” write out this prompt:

“I want you to act like an analyst/auditor. I want you to perform an analysis of <Your Brand> with the following top 5 competitors <Competitors>. I need you to assess the difference and similarities between <Your Brand> and <Competitors>. I need you to focus on pricing, market position, branding and messaging. Research the difference and similarities. Present all the information in a detailed report that includes charts, graphs, and tables. Based on all the information, let me know how <Your Brand> can improve and actionable steps we can take to make <Your Brand> better than <Competitors>

You’ll be blown away by the result. Make sure you keep hitting the “Please Continue” option on the upper right corner, and it’ll keep expanding and diving deeper.

Let’s now try this one.

“I want you to act like a social media manager. I need you to create a social media post for the following platforms <platforms>. This post needs to promote <Your Brand> and it needs to highlight our competitive edge. I need you to focus on making it aesthetically pleasing, on brand, eye-catching, and a little click-baited. I need you to capture the attention of current followers and new ones. I want this post to be creative, unique, and have some witty fun. Include the appropriate hashtags so that the post gets visibility. Also based on this post, I want you to create a content calendar with the same parameters. I need 5 posts per week for a month. All the posts should utilize varying verticals.”

I just tried out this prompt for BOS Media Group and I was pleasantly surprised.

So, there you go. I hope this sparks many more ideas for your prompts as you continue to utilize AI technology to create amazing opportunities, enhance productivity and free up yourself to do more complex and creative tasks that require critical thinking.

If that last sentence sounds familiar, it’s because I gave Hanju the rest of the day off. Don’t worry, BOS Media is in good hands.


Let’s Chat About ChatGPT

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By now, you’ve probably heard some chat around the water cooler, or around the dinner table, or just in casual conversations about ChatGPT.

The way I heard it was from someone I met at a party who is doing his PhD and currently working as a TA grading papers for his 70+ students. He said due to the large class size, he doesn’t know the students and their writing styles well, so he’s grading them solely on the paper’s insightfulness, creativity and how the students address, understands and provides solutions for underlying issues….as how every paper should be graded.

The problem is that he predicts around 30% of the papers turned in are written by AI. And the bigger problem is that he cannot tell which is written by AI and which is written by the student. It’s just not possible to tell anymore.

Crazy, right? Let’s step back for a minute and start from the very beginning. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, which is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can have conversations with users. It uses deep learning techniques and is trained on a large amount of text data from the internet. Just like talking to a friend, you can input questions or prompts, and ChatGPT generates responses in real-time. It’s often used in applications like chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service agents. ChatGPT can provide helpful and contextually relevant answers, making it a powerful tool for interactive conversations and communication tasks.

See that paragraph I just wrote about ChatGPT? I didn’t write it. Hahaha. I asked ChatGPT to write it for me. In fact, when I asked ChatGPT to tell me about ChatGPT, it gave me 7 detailed paragraphs. That was way too long, so I told ChatGPT to condense it to 1 paragraph and that was the end result. Oh, and I also told it to answer it like I was in 8th grade because the initial result got too technical. Not bad right? PLUS one more thing I haven’t tried yet, but if you have a certain style of writing, I heard you can actually train it to start sounding like you. 

I’m not gonna lie, this new technology I am learning about got me a bit excited, a lot curious and even somewhat concerned. How will it reshape the digital marketing world? How will it reshape content creation? How will it reshape our jobs or businesses? How will it reshape our day-to-day tasks? How will it reshape society? I have so many questions.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI even warned that the technology comes with real dangers as well. He said “We’ve got to be careful here, I think people should be happy that we are a little bit scared of this, but despite the dangers, it could also be the greatest technology humanity has yet developed.”

But here’s the thing: I just asked ChatGPT if they are taking over humans and it assured me that AI technology can create amazing opportunities, enhance productivity and free up humans to do more complex and creative tasks that require critical thinking. Oh good. I am relieved.

I would love to dive deeper into ChatGPT and discuss more on how we can use this technology to be used as a valuable tool for us. Let’s discuss more on what it can do to help save us time, effort, in streamlining our tasks and providing convenience in our personal and professional life. 

Stay tuned! 


Here’s Your Challenge

Finally, the day you’ve all been waiting for. (Right?) This is the finale of our recent series and there’s a CALL TO ACTION that I’ve been hinting to you about. For those of you reading this for the first time, here’s a quick summary. We’ve been talking about the psychology of success and happiness and I’ve shared some insights on…

And as promised, here’s the challenge… taking all those theoretical concepts and putting them into action!

But before I get into the details, a few thoughts on why you should take on this challenge. If you are like most people, you’ve started many things to get from point A to point B but quit in the process. For example, “I want to lose weight so I will start a diet.” You quit because it got too hard when someone suggested beer/pizza/ice cream night. Another example: “I want to wake up early and start every morning with a good run.” One day it rains and your 5-day streak is broken and now you can’t even remember where your running shoes are. Or, how about this one? “I am going to journal everyday.” But you realized your drawer is full of colorful journals that are 1/4 way filled and the rest are blank pages. You somewhere, somehow, stopped and never went back to finish it.

Most people lack the discipline and willpower to do what they set out to do. Most people don’t do what they say they are going to do. Most people don’t execute consistently. But imagine this: what would it be worth to you if you could create within yourself the following skills to get it done?

  • Discipline
  • Self Worth
  • Fortitude
  • Grit
  • Self Control
  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence

Read those bullet points again and think to yourself, what kind of a person would I be if I had all these skills in my life? Well, you know what these skills will equal? They equal MENTAL TOUGHNESS. I believe if you possess these skills in your life, you will be on your way to living bigger. Guaranteed!

So, here’s the million-dollar question. How do I possess these skills in my life? Answer: Do hard things. What hard things? These specific hard things. For 75 straight days. Follow this program. Zero deviations, zero compromises. You cannot tailor this program to your liking or to your convenience. You have to follow it. And if you miss a day or miss a minute, you have to start over from day 1. Cool? Cool.

The 75 Hard Challenge was created in 2019 by entrepreneur Andy Frisella, a podcaster and CEO of the supplement company 1st Phorm. 75 Hard is not a trendy fitness challenge, but a “transformative mental toughness program.” This will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done and once you complete it, you’ll say to yourself, this is the greatest thing I have ever done. But before you jump in and begin, listen to this podcast describing the program and what you are getting yourself into and once you make your decision to start, go to this page and sign up. There are hundreds and thousands of people doing it with you. You can also hashtag #75hard and hear their stories, their challenges, their questions, and even their answers.

Why are we doing this? Because in order to gain the skills of mental toughness, you have to intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable places. 75 days, 0 deviations, 0 compromises, 100% pure awesomeness. Are you ready? 

75 Hard Challenge:

  • Pick a diet and stick to it. Commit to your diet, whatever that is for you. Building mental discipline. No cheat meals. Eating clean…don’t miss the point. Choose a diet pertaining to your goals. No junk. No alcohol.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water everyday. Health benefits?
  • (2) 45-minute workouts. One has to be outdoors. It’s supposed to be inconvenient. Only did 44 minutes outside? Start over. Conditions won’t be perfect. Do it no matter what especially when no one else is doing it. (Don’t put yourself in danger tho…). This is empowerment. This will help build you. This is what champions are made of. Doing something when no one else is doing it. You can also do both 45-minute sessions outside.
  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book everyday. Learn new stuff time, not entertainment time. Not audio, not digital, not coloring, not 5 sentences on each page…lol.
  • Take a progress picture everyday. Not just to show your physical transformation…which is awesome…but so that you don’t forget the little details. The incremental changes you don’t want to overlook. Huge deal. Show your body in your picture. Keep it private. This is just for you. No need to share. 

Okay, are you ready for this? This is not the next thing…this is THE thing. Reply back and let me know you are in!


Do Hard Things

Okay, okay, I get it. If you’ve been following our latest series, it’s filled with a lot of advice that’s easy to say or write about, but a little tougher to live out. 

“The secret sauce of being awesome is Believing.” You’ve got to have confidence, you must believe in yourself, also expect great things, and for heaven sake, get out of suckville…blah blah blah. That all sounds good, but how do you do it? 

How in the world do you gain that confidence? Do you just wake up one day and say, “I got this”? Do you just walk out the front door thinking, “I am awesome”? Do you put on a cape, fly out the window and save the world through the sheer force of your belief?

Well, maybe some of you can. But for me, it takes a lot of convincing. I’ve always struggled with low self-esteem and self-doubt, and in a constant battle in my head trying to overcome my own limiting beliefs… I guess I’ve always been a mess. Something had to change.

Just recently I shared this story about my triumphant and courageous exit from a previous job that almost destroyed my soul (just being over-dramatic here). But what I didn’t share was what happened after. I was starting my career all over in a new place. I had to rebuild a network and establish credibility with people who didn’t know or care about what I had done in the past. Looking back, it was one of the most challenging times of my life. I needed a breakthrough. Bad.

In the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I was helping my brother-in-law find a new office manager for his architectural firm and I came across a resume. Something jumped out at me. Like it was screaming at me. On the Extracurricular section of her resume, she wrote: LA Marathon, Boston Marathon…and immediately I thought to myself: he needs to hire her, because…if she can run a marathon, if she can overcome the agonizing pain of 26.2 miles and if she can withstand the mental and emotional challenges of everything that requires…SHE CAN DO ANYTHING!

And Bingo. That’s just the epiphany I needed for myself. For my own breakthrough, I needed to do hard things. 

I needed to run a marathon.

Mind you, I’d never run more than 3 miles before in my life. But, I printed out the training schedule and followed it everyday. I slowly worked my way up to being able to run 20 miles without stopping. Some runs were in the heat of summer, but I was determined. This was my breakthrough moment, and when the day arrived, I was ready. I couldn’t believe it. 

I remember vividly, March 6, 2005, LA Marathon XX. I’ll never forget getting to mile 20 and thinking there is no possible way I could finish. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Everything hurt. But weirdly, something deep within me didn’t want to give up. So I looked down at my feet and just concentrated on putting my one foot past the other….over and over again until I eventually saw a glimpse of the finish line. Then I remember running past the finish line with both of my hands high in the air, tears streaming down my face, thinking to myself, “I did it! I did it!”

There was still something about this accomplishment that I didn’t quite understand. Yes, it was empowering. And yes, it was a physical and mental victory. And yes, it was a way of overcoming my own doubts and fears. But back to the resume that gave me the original epiphany – what I remember most about that moment was thinking to myself, “I just ran a marathon – I CAN DO ANYTHING!”

How do you gain confidence? How do you learn to believe? How do you expect great things? Do hard things. Keep doing hard things. Keep breaking your own barriers. Keep surprising yourself. For me, since then, I’ve ran (7) full marathons, (2) 200 mile relays and over 50 half marathons. I want to keep doing hard things….I want to be addicted to doing hard things.  

Are you with me? Our series comes to an end next week, and we can’t just end the series without a Call to Action, right? So, I’ll be introducing an awesome challenge that we can all do together. It will help us grow. It will help us out of suckville, it will help us beam with belief and confidence…we are gonna do hard things together. Are you ready?

Can’t wait to share more next week!


The Secret Sauce Of Success

If reading the subject line inspired you to open this email as fast as possible, you probably have just one question burning in your mind: “What is the secret sauce of success??” 

What if I told you the answer could be encapsulated in one word with seven letters? 


Why is believing so important? I am glad you asked. But first, a story.

When I was in high school playing on the golf team, a new superstar joined our team midseason. We lived on the same street and we became awesome friends!! I was still struggling with my game at the time but he wasn’t. He’d been playing since he could walk – his dad was a pro at the golf course that they owned, and he lived, loved, and breathed golf…and on top of that, he was just super talented. 

What intrigued me most about his game wasn’t his ability to hit it long or his perfect follow through or even his incredible good looks. But, what I remember to this very day is his confidence on the course. For instance, a 10-foot putt on the last hole to win the match? No problem. Right in the center of the cup. During our high school tournament on hole number 1, driving a fairway with a lake on the left while our entire team, their entire team, and the coaches were watching, he would blast one out there…right down the middle…long and straight…with so much sureness. Me? On that hole? During that tournament? I put 2 balls in the water.

So, what did he have that I didn’t? Well, for one, he had CONFIDENCE. He believed in himself. He believed that he had the ability to do what was set before him and he believed that he had the ability to do it well.

A renowned behavioral geneticist named Robert Plomin did a study 20 years ago. He took 15,000 sets of twins and followed them from birth into adulthood. In light of their identical DNA, he wanted to take a closer look at the element of confidence. So the twins had been given a standard IQ test at age seven and again at age nine. They were also tested academically in math, writing and science. Then, they were asked to rate how confident they were about each of the subjects. After much cross-referencing by the research team, they were surprised by their finding. 

So, what did they find?

The students’ self-perceived ability was a significant predictor of achievement. It was even more important than their IQ. What? Our perceived ability and our realistic sense of feeling secure actually overrides our IQ. It doesn’t matter how smart you really are…it doesn’t matter how great and talented you are…it’s the fact that you believe in yourself that helps you achieve success. 

So, knowing the importance of “BELIEVE,” how do I learn to start believing in myself? I would love to give you some of my thoughts on how we can achieve the confidence to expand a bit more on our series this month. So, stay tuned. 

If you haven’t been following, we are talking about the mental/psychology of success and happiness. Here are the last two topics that we addressed:

We can be our own biggest cheerleaders or our biggest critics. It’s not just about “thinking positive” – your level of belief is a real thing that is either helping you or hurting you right now. And the difference between the two will make all the difference in the world.

Don’t stop believin!!

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