Want to Create an Instagram Strategy and Game Plan to Make an Impact?

You probably know Instagram can be a powerful way to connect with your dream customers, but where do we start? Over the next few weeks, Bos Media is here with some ideas for how to best engage this platform.

First, let’s start by shifting our mindset from “How can I get” to “How can I give” – this perspective alone can change everything. Instead of thinking, “How can I get more followers?” think: “How can I give my potential clients what they desperately need?”

People are so used to being asked for things that when someone is giving them value, they literally can’t get enough. The more you understand the specific problem you are helping people solve, the more your content becomes about THEM instead of about YOU. Which is essential, because the truth is, people don’t really care about your company (no offense :)… but if you are filling a need with a product or service they can’t live without, you will definitely have their attention.

So before we do anything else, we need to know the following about our potential clients:

  • What’s their problem?
  • What do they need?
  • What pain points do they have?
  • What are their wants and desires?

Let those questions inform the content you share – when you post, ask yourself, “What need is this fulfilling?”

There are so many fun and different ways for content to offer value – it could be:

  • Educational. Teach as an expert in your field, passing along the secrets of what you do.
  • Behind the Scenes. Pull back the curtain on how you do things – this humanizes your business while also giving new level of access that makes your audience feel special.
  • Practical. Show them a step-by-step process to get them from point A to point B.
  • Motivational. Inspire them through stories, quotes (not cheesy ones), and/or your own life lessons.
  • Entertaining. Maybe it’s as simple as just making them laugh. There are a lot of companies I follow just to see the fun and creative things they do.

Take some time this week to get clear on what your goals are, and how Instagram can play a part in it. I’ll be back with some more tips next week, or feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Can’t wait to see your next post!


Turning Your Pennies into Dollars

I am always reading the latest research about marketing, and during my content consumption phase, I hear this a lot, and I know you do too:

“In order to successfully engage and win the trust of your current and future customers, you have to continue to give VALUE. And the more value you give, the more trust you’ll earn.”

Okay, awesome!! But…what does it really mean? How do I know what’s valuable to my audience?

In his newest book Superfans, Pat Flynn paints a great picture of what VALUE is and how to provide it for your clients. He describes a conference where a speaker asked the audience if they saw a penny on the street, would they pick it up? Most people will keep walking…not worth their time. Then he asked, what about a quarter? About 50% of people raised their hands to say yes, they would stop. Finally, he asked, how many of you would pick up a dollar bill? At that point, most of the crowd raised their hands. In this example, all three levels of currency offered value, but the value of a dollar bill passed the threshold from “not worth my time” to “ok, I’ll stop.”

So, the next question is: how do I offer something that my audience will see as worth their time? How do we create the dollar bill level content that someone will stop for?

Here are 3 ideas to help you become a more valuable and trustworthy authority in your field.

1. Know your audience. I know, I know, you’ve heard this before….but really, KNOW WHO THEY ARE. What do they love? What do they hate? What are they good at? What are they bad at? Know their problems, know their frustrations, know their pain. And you know what you get to do? Help them out of their problems, help them out of their frustrations and help them out of their pain. How? Offer unique insights, tips, data, solutions and even inspiration.

I’ve been playing golf for a long time. I played competitively as a Junior and still keep a pretty low handicap (meaning, I am a pretty decent player…lol). However, I play with a lot of weekend golfers who are always frustrated at the game because they don’t improve. Why don’t they improve? Because they are weekend golfers – they never practice, but they all think they just need a magic cure. Knowing this inside information, I decided to start a podcast specifically for these weekend golfers and offer insights, tips, data, and solutions on improving their game by….inspiring them to practice. If you ever want to check it out, the podcast is called Better Golf Academy. I still get random fan emails saying how much I have helped their game.

2. Know your expertise. What does that mean? It means that whatever industry you are in, you are an expert whether you like it or not. You have unique insight that no one else has. You might not know it because it’s just part of your everyday life and you’ve been doing it forever so you take it for granted…but what you know and what you do is unique to a lot of people and they are dying to know what you know. Dive deep into the knowledge that seems so obvious to you, then share your journey and your findings.

Ever since I started camping, I’ve been researching a lot of camping gear. One of the essential needs when you are off the grid for 3-4 days is a reliable refrigerator, and in order to keep your refrigerator running 24/7, you need a good source of power. Well, how about a power unit that runs off of solar? Not knowing anything about this, I started my research and ran across a guy named Will Prowse. He’s a guru in his niche of off-grid solar power and I’ve learned so much from him. I trusted his expertise and ended up purchasing his recommended power unit. It’s exactly what we needed and for me and his other 472k followers, we find him and his content more than valuable.

3. Know your platform. In the golf example above, I chose a podcast as the way to get my information out to an audience. Why a podcast? It’s something I enjoy doing. Also, it’s less time consuming than a YouTube channel – video editing can be very tedious and tiring and I didn’t have a lot of energy for it. Editing audio for a podcast is more simple and something I feel like I could do consistently for a long time. Some of us think now that we have something to share, we need to use all platforms and channels to broadcast our content, but this can be overwhelming. Find one channel that fits who you are and that also provides an opportunity to reach the like-minded people that consume content on the same channel. Give it all you got and watch your audience grow.

I hope this helps get your creative juices flowing for how to strategize, create and broadcast your content. Don’t underestimate what you know – you really do have dollars in you that will stop customers in their tracks.


Marketing Redefined: Leads

Starting this week, we’re introducing a new Definitions series, explaining more in-depth certain aspects of marketing. We know that business growth depends on some form of marketing, yet not all business owners ever stop to get educated about what goes into that. We hope this review of the fundamentals will help you develop a marketing strategy that works.

It all starts with Leads.

Most people define a lead as a “potential client or organization that has an interest in what you are offering.” Whether they encountered you through a Google ad, a mailer, a cold call or just through word of mouth, these possible customers have somehow reached out or responded back to you.

Once that contact has been made via call, email, DM, or letter, it’s now up to you to follow up on that “lead” and turn it into a sale. So, what’s the issue?

Well, a lead is not always a lead. I like to compare the entire sales process to the phases leading up to marriage. Basically, you don’t walk up to the person of your dreams that you just met for the very first time and ask for his/her hand in marriage. Why? Because it’s weird, and most likely, whether it’s business or personal, you’re going to get rejected.

Here’s how we clearly define each stage in the process with a lead to help you more effectively prepare for that wedding:

  • The Subscriber Stage: This is the very beginning of the lead stage. This is when you get introduced through different channels (social media, ads) and you actually exchange contact information. Congratulations, but don’t jump to any conclusions yet.
  • The Nurturing Stage: Let’s get real, once the contact information has been exchanged and the communication starts, it’s pretty common that they will ignore whatever you send, mostly because they don’t really know you. Eventually, you want to improve the interaction. How? Continue to offer valuable content, pursuing their interests and giving them more opportunities to visit your website, download resources, listen to your podcasts, register for a webinar, etc. You are nurturing your relationship during this important stage.
  • The Marketing Qualified Lead Stage (MQL): As you continue to nurture, eventually they will show a genuine interest. Here’s where they finally say yes to your offers or even reach out to you for a meeting or a call. If they meet the criteria of your target market, this has now become a qualified lead.
  • The Sales Qualified Lead Stage (SQL): They are now qualified and ready to buy. For most companies, this is where the hand-off happens. Marketing has generated a qualified lead; now it gets handed off to the sales department for the closure. In the dating metaphor, this is when you go ring shopping – it’s almost time to pop the question.
  • The Opportunity Stage: You’ve worked hard to get here and to earn trust. Now it’s time to let them know that you are the right fit for them, where effort turns into opportunity. An opportunity to journey together for as long as you both shall live…and guess what? It sounds like this could be the happily ever after.

I hope breaking down the stages of leads helps you strategize a long-term master plan for your company, and allows even more growth to be generated as each stage is defined and nurtured.

Here’s to you and your business finding true love!


Farewell 2020!

As we finally reach the finish line of 2020, all of us at BOS Media wanted to say one more huge THANK YOU to everyone we get to work with. In a challenging year, we feel extra grateful for the relationships that add so much meaning to the work we get to do everyday.

Hope we all go into 2021 not taking anything for granted.

We appreciate you!!!


If Your Judging This, You Just Made Our Point

First things first: the typo in the subject line was INTENTIONAL.

If you’re one of those people who saw that and instantly felt embarrassed on our behalf, that’s EXACTLY the lesson we hope everyone learns today.

Bad copy is like having a piece of spinach on your front tooth. You don’t know it’s there, but everyone else sees it.

The last thing you want is for that disgusting green speck to shape how people form their opinion of your business.


It could literally be the difference between someone wanting to work with you, or dismissing you as unprofessional.

And one last note, to the people who didn’t even notice the typo above and think we might be making too big a deal out of this: I hope you’re listening most of all. It may not be an issue to YOU, but what if it’s a big deal to the client you’re trying to impress? You don’t want to be like that stinky kid in PE class who doesn’t even know he smells.

Sorry for all the gross metaphors, but hopefully it shows how words can definitely capture your attention! If you need any help with your copywriting, just know: we’re hear here for you.


How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

You might be surprised at how much “the zombie apocalypse” has come up around BOS Media lately. #mustbe2020

It started on the podcast we recently shared, “Our Last Podcast” – which, to be clear, is not actually our last podcast. We were just reflecting on ways this year has felt like the end of the world, and that got us thinking – if this was the very last thing we got to record, what would we say?

Inevitably, that led to some zombie-fighting protocols. And not to scare you, but we believe they’re already among us:

Seriously though, this has huge implications for your business. How do we navigate a world of people mindlessly staring at their phones, scrolling through an infinite abyss?

In this context, YOUR WORDS MATTER more than ever before.

Because there’s one thing that’s proven to stop a zombie in their tracks.

No, not a 12 gauge shotgun.

A great story.

That’s why we put so much of our focus at BOS Media on YOUR STORY. With the right words, your story has the power to draw people in and drive your business.

We know finding the right words can be challenging, but it’s essential. The right words will generate interest; the wrong ones will be ignored.

If you ever need support with your copywriting, BOS Media is here for you. We love helping give new language to your message, with words that even a zombie will pay attention to.

Here’s to surviving this apocalypse, together!


BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL – 100% Off All Items In Store!!!

That subject line may have been a bit misleading… since we actually don’t sell products in stores.

BUT we do have ideas for some sweet BOS Media merchandise in the future – how about BOS Media flamethrowers?!? Perfect for the kids.

Seriously though, we know this week is usually all about food and family, and we recognize that this year may present a challenge to some of your normal traditions. You might not be around the same table as last year, or able to connect in person with loved ones.

Wherever you are, we want you to know: WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU. At BOS Media, we really believe that relationships are the most important thing in the world. We genuinely hope that everyone we work with feels like family.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!


What’s Stopping You?

All this month, we’ve been talking about how creating a lead generator with an email campaign can be a game-changer for your business. The only question is,

What’s stopping you??

We’ve already answered every question you might have:

That last question is where BOS Media Group comes in.

We really believe that a strategy to capture emails will revolutionize your business, and we would love to help make it happen.

This is WHAT WE DO – it might feel like extra work to you, but it’s literally our favorite part of the job. We’ll come alongside you, customize the perfect plan to fit your needs, and then present you to the world.

Don’t stop now – give me a call!

You are one click away from taking your business to the next level – let’s get to work!

Yes! I’m Ready to IMPLEMENT!


You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take!”

I always thought this quote was from Michael Jordan. But no, turns out it was MICHAEL SCOTT (quoting Wayne Gretzky).

There’s a reason I bring this up. In the past few blogs, we’ve been encouraging you to create your own email campaign, knowing it’s an inexpensive yet effective way to grow your business. But what happens when it has the opposite effect?

What if they… UNSUBSCRIBE!

It’s funny, the older I get, the more I realize how insecure we all are, even as adults. We look down at teenagers constantly checking their Likes, but if I’m honest, I maybe do that too (Side note: why do pictures of my puppy get more Likes than pictures of me?!?)

Seriously though: Don’t feel sad. Every time I send out an email, a few minutes later, I get a few “unsubscribed” notifications. Does it make me sad?? Sometimes. (like the time my mom unsubscribed – definitely had to talk to a therapist about that…)

Yes, it can be a subtle form of rejection in a way… like someone saying, “I don’t need you anymore. Don’t bother me. You’re dead to me.” (ok, that last one might be a little dramatic).

BUT on the other hand, what if it’s also a good thing?

One of the most important words you need to know about marketing is: ENGAGEMENT. People love having a big subscriber list and brag about having a bunch of followers, but those numbers can be very empty. What really matters is, how are people engaging with what you share?

When someone unsubscribes, treat it as an opportunity to get some important feedback. What might their decision to unsubscribe at this time suggest?

  • Were you sending emails too frequently?
  • Was your information no longer relevant?
  • Was your content boring?
  • Is there a problem with your design?
  • Are your emails mobile-friendly?
  • Or did you do everything right and the unsubscriber just has tons of their own unresolved personal issues? (✔️ most likely)

The key is to keep moving forward! Do everything you can to create value for the email community you’ve built, and let the unsubscribes show you how to improve your game.

Michael Jordan may not have said that thing about not missing 100% of the shots, but there’s another inspirational poster where he says this:

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Write that email! Try that new campaign! And if you’re still afraid of rejection, give me a call – I promise, BOS Media will never unsubscribe from you.


Email Marketing And Puppies

The big update in our house this month is a new addition named Bailey.

She immediately brought so much love into our lives. It’s amazing how her simple desire to play, get attention, and be affectionate helps brighten up the day.

What does that have to do with email marketing? A lot, actually.

First, they’re both completely IRRESISTIBLE. I mean, just look at that picture! With that emoji heart, it almost feels surreal, but trust me, she really is that cute.

Email marketing can have that same power! Studies show that email marketing is the number one most effective vehicle for customer acquisition.

It makes sense – you’re able to connect directly at the epicenter of most people’s lives: their phone. Like a puppy, you nestle right into their inbox, next to messages from family, friends and work. Hopefully you also bring VALUE to the audience (as we talked about last time), making your emails even more fruitful.

And the great thing is, those effects are measurable. Here’s where email marketing might even be BETTER than puppies! It’s kind of hard to quantify “adorable”, but if you want to know if an email campaign is successful, the numbers are readily available.

Open-rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, even the unsubscribe rate. All of this gives you valuable insight into the audience response, and how that’s translating into new business.

But what about the cost? That’s where many of us get stuck. With puppies, it’s the vet, the training, the supplies, the food, and of course, picking up poop.

For an email campaign, the good news is, it’s actually one of the cheapest forms of marketing, with the highest ROI of any campaign. (No wonder we get so many emails everyday!)

But to do it right, it will take a valuable resource: TIME.

At BOS Media, our hope is that you are able to make it PERSONAL, customizing an approach that connects with your specific audience. If you ever need help figuring out your own email strategy, we would love to come alongside you to make it happen.

Like the puppy waiting at the door for you, we’ll be here whenever you need us. Give us a call!

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