How To Write Your Vision Script

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When we think about having a vision, often we picture the greatest visionaries in history.

They are charismatic, brilliant, incredible communicators, inspiring and even good looking. But what about the rest of us?

The truth is, we are all able to have vision and we are all able to communicate it. Remember, the essence of the word “vision” just means being able to see.

Especially in an organization, this sight is desperately needed. Like we said last week, vision answers the “Where?” question. People will not follow if they don’t know where you are going.

The pressure can be daunting as a leader, but we don’t need a grandiose dream or something that would dramatically impact the world around us. We just need 4 simple ingredients – once these are determined, write them down and communicate them often.

  1. Vision should be CLEAR
  2. Vision should be INSPIRING
  3. Vision should be PRACTICAL
  4. Vision should be ATTRACTIVE

If you don’t know where to start, think of it this way: Vision is simply figuring out what the future should look like.

As Stephen R. Covey says in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“Start with the end in mind.”

Think of yourself as standing in tomorrow—say, three to five years from now. Imagine the future you see for your…

  • Team
  • Products
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Impact

What do you see? What does it look like? What’s possible for you and your business?

Write a long paragraph describing and articulating what you see. This is vision.

Once you have this written, we can take our next steps.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Does Your Team Know Where You Are Going?

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I love the fresh energy that comes with a new year. Starting this week, my goal is to harness all that hope and turn it into something that can transform your business in 2021.

Welcome to the BOS Media Leadership Series. Over the next month, I’ll be sharing the best practices that define all successful companies, along with the keys to implementing them for maximum impact.

It all starts with VISION.

The first question that a leader must ask is:
Does Your Team Know Where You Are Going?

That might sound obvious, but you might be surprised at how many leaders struggle with their answer. We often just take it for granted, and when we do try to put it into words, we fumble around, or use vague language that lacks focus.

It reminds me of the legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi. Every football season, he’d start the first practice by holding up a ball in front of the team and saying, “This is a football.” He understood that leadership means having absolute clarity on the fundamental question: where are we going?

Part of answering that question well requires making a distinction between vision and mission.

Vision vs Mission

Most leaders don’t know the difference, but they should, because it’s an essential part of leadership.

Vision is a clear, inspiring, practical, attractive picture of your organization’s future. It defines the future of your team, your product, your marketing, and your impact.

In short, vision is the “Where.” It answers, where are we going?

Mission is the “Why.” Why are we going there? Why do we do what we do?

In order to lead well, we must start with vision. Take some time this week to clearly define your vision statement, and work on communicating it to your team in a way that leaves no doubt about where you’re headed.

Here’s to 2021 being a year of greater purpose and success for your company.

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